Reinventing your space in stagnant times

Sasha Butler’s new room set up. Photo courtesy Sasha Butler

Time seems at a standstill with each day falling into the next, but students have been able to keep their motivation up as the semester passes on by changing their rooms and workspaces to bring the most comfort through these trying times.

Sasha Butler, a junior fashion student at Kent State University, recently moved into an apartment with her friends and has thoroughly enjoyed crafting her new space to fit her ever changing aesthetic.

“I go all out and create mood boards to at least settle on the look I’m going for at the moment. Being able to visualize exactly what I want and seeing how it all plays out together is really important to me so I won’t waste time and can make changes,” Butler said.

With the plan set, Butler then hones in on gathering her supplies. Once the foundation steps were completed, she took on the hard task of arranging her room to her liking.

“With nothing but school going on, I wanted an open space where I wouldn’t feel cluttered as I worked,” Butler said. “I also knew that I wanted the window to bring in as much natural light as possible and have colors to bounce off of.”

Living in an apartment brings many freedoms that living in a dorm doesn’t count as permissible. In a dorm room, students can often feel that they don’t have the luxury of choice when the furniture and floor plan is picked out for them.

Joseph Harris, a junior business administration student at Florida State University, has been able to rework his dorm room to showcase his personality while also adhering to his dorm’s guidelines.

“I love shoes, since it’s my favorite piece of clothing,” Harris said. “Recently, I wanted to be able to showcase them on my wall instead of just leaving them in the box. I sketched it out, bought the safety hooks that don’t damage the walls and was able to create a sort of shoe showcase on my wall.”

Working through the semester has proved to drain the motivation as the stress of the world has fallen hard on many students’ shoulders. Harris has opted the best way he could to separate his rest and relaxation time from his schoolwork.

“I have it where my desk is like completely clear of everything that would distract me while I’m working. So all my artwork and photos have been moved closer to my bed where I can feel like myself when it’s time to relax.”

Others lean on different senses when looking for change in their bedrooms.

Sabrina Johnson, a sophomore engineering student at Florida A&M University, has leaned on her sense of touch and smell to capture change.

“I often will buy candles to go along with whichever season we are in. In the fall and winter, I go for the basic holiday candles. In the spring and summer, I rather have an oil diffuser with something light like lavender,” Johnson said.

When it comes to her bed, Johnson also opts to embrace the holiday cheer when the opportunity arises.

“I have bedding that goes with just about every season too. In the wintertime when it starts to get cold, I want my room to sort of reflect that, so I’ll grab the flannel bedding I have. The material is thick and warm, so the cozy vibe is definitely felt.”

With uncertainty glossing over the nation, and many things being out of our control, it’s comforting to see that there is still one aspect of student life that is still in their jurisdiction– their rooms.