How students are staying toasty and entertained this fall

Photo courtesy Nahla Muhammed and Tyliek Clark

Winter is approaching, and the warm weather will soon turn a bit frosty, making it a good time to entertain yourself with a new hobby.

According to USA Today, no one knows what the next few months will bring, but as COVID-19 cases rise in 39 out of 50 states, there are a few clues about what is likely to happen. Many college students are steadily realizing that COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, so nowit is our job to think about activities that will keep us occupied during the holidays.

Most of us are college students away from our families. Somehow, we have to find ways to stay safe, cope, and have fun without letting the pandemic affect us. During times like these, it is great to try and pick up new hobbies or activities. Jala Phelps, a fourth-year education student, says that she is nowhere near ready for the winter months as they approach, but she is thinking positively about the outcome.

“I will be spending my time getting creative with poetry, painting or freestyling,” Phelps said. “It makes me feel good,and I love being home anyway.”

Unfortunately, the dread is that cases will ascend as more individuals continue to go out, get perpetually worn out on general well-being measures, travel for the holidays, and battle with clashing messages from national and local leaders.

Tyliek Clark customizing and painting shoes. Photo courtesy Tyliek Clark

Tyliek Clark, a second-year mechanical engineering student, says he will make the best out of the stressful pandemic and will be looking forward to going home this winter.

“I will use this time to develop my hobby in clothing and shoe customization. I also plan on bondingmore with my dad over motorcycle building,” Clark said.

Since the start of the global pandemic and the world being on lockdown, some would agree that alone time was not so bad after all. Many people are getting more alone time with their thoughts than they may be used to, and some are finally pursuing passion projects that they procrastinated.

Nahla Muhammed in her modeling photoshoot. Photo courtesy Nahla Muhammed

Nahla Muhammed, a second-year business administration student, says this winter will give her the timeto focus on her goals without having direct contact with people.

“I will be pursuing modeling and self-photography during this winter break,” Muhammed said. “I love expressing myselfthrough pictures and this is the perfect opportunity.”

There has never been a better time to get to know yourself more and spend time with loved ones. Everybody will fill in various manners dependent on these exceptional conditions. Be thoughtful to yourself during this time and move at a pace that makes self-care your first priority. It may be challenging to look at the bright side of COVID-19 and the restrictions that have come with it, but one thing is for sure — we will learn to appreciate the little things.