5 ways to boost your resume

Photo courtesy Jobscan

COVID-19 has created the need for virtual internships as cases continue to increase. Due to this, many students have been able to apply for internships they were not able to previously, resulting in more competition between applicants. In the communications field, internship opportunities have been posted and students have been updating their resumes to increase their chances of being chosen. However, there are many ways to further improve your resume that students may not know about and that recruiters would be interested to see. Here is a list of hidden gems that could help build your resume in communications:

  1. Adobe certifications
Adobe logo. Photo courtesy Adobe

Being certified in Creative Cloud is a great way for your resume to stand out. Knowing how to put information out on multiple platforms is something many in the communications field are learning to do. You can get certified in most of the platforms on the Creative Cloud and all it requires is taking an exam. Adobe is in the process of updating its Creative Cloud certification exams and they should be up and running before the end of this year.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is known for its professional networking capabilities, but many do not know about the training courses it offers. It has more than 16,000 courses covering a range of topics, from leadership to data visualization. Many of the courses can be used to help people achieve successful careers in communications and taking one of these courses could provide you with more knowledge and skills you can use to strengthen your resume.

  1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics logo. Photo courtesy Google

Google offers free tools to get better at reading and analyzing data. In the communications field, many new positions have been created that have to do solely with data and how to use it for marketing purposes. With our world going digital more and more every day, learning how to use that data to better a company would be a great skill to have that many companies look for.

  1. Search Engine Optimization courses

The University of California offers a free course to become a SEO expert. SEO is something heavily relied on in communications, specifically journalism, because it helps create the best search engine ranking. Many companies are requiring their employees to be knowledgeable about SEO and it would make a student appear one step ahead to have that knowledge on their resume.

  1. Canva branding

Canva is a site that allows you to make simple graphic designs like flyers or Instagram posts. They also have courses you can take that teach you how to build a consistent brand. This might not be a skill you can list on your resume but knowing how to build your personal brand is another way to separate yourself from others. How you conduct yourself and what you choose to show online are important, and if you build a good brand for yourself, your peers and recruiters will notice.

Communications is an ever growing and ever-changing field that requires you to be a jack of all trades in some instances. Building up yourself and your resume will help you get the internship and career you want.