Zoes Kitchen deserves a visit

Zoes Kitchen is located in Midtown in the Whole Foods plaza. Photo courtesy Zoes Kitchen

When was the last time you tried a new restaurant? Stepping out of my comfort zone, I explored a new food opportunity in town — or at least, new to me.

My summary: Simple. Tasty. Fresh.

Zoes Kitchen is a Mediterranean restaurant, and there are various healthy menu choices to satisfy your cravings.

What started out as a small diner in Birmingham, Alamaba has flourished throughout the country. Zoes Kitchen has expanded to over 250 restaurants in the United States. Thousands of team members take pride in serving fresh-made Mediterranean flavors.

The founders Zoe Cassimus and Marcus Cassimus established the corporation in 1995. In the beginning, the restaurant was not a franchise  — with  Cassimus maintaining 51 percent of the ownership in all locations.

By 2007, there were 20 locations opened and the founders decided to sell majority ownership stake to Brentwood Associates of Los Angeles.

The headquarters remained in Birmingham and Marcus Cassimus would maintain his leadership position as the chief executive officer.

The cuisine at Zoes Kitchen is based on the concept that diets grounded in healthy fats, fish and grains can support individuals in lowering cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and also prevent some form of cancers and diabetes.

The menu features include: salads, kabobs, sandwiches, pitas, soups, desserts and numerous other savory products.

The salmon and shrimp kabobs immediately caught my attention. The special came with two sides and one sauce of your liking.

I decided to select roasted vegetables, grilled potatoes, tzatziki sauce with an add-on of avocado. Every bite was fulfilling and enticing.

In 2011, Zoes launched an online ordering app, followed by a loyalty mobile app in 2013.

Providing easier accessibility for quicker enjoyment.

The restaurant’s interior colors are captivating! Bright vibrant colors fill the room, creating an upbeat and cheerful atmosphere for customers to enjoy themselves.

Crew members were eager to serve and genuinely took interest in creating an exceptional experience for each and every person. I was incredibly impressed with the customer service and teamwork by the staff.

This encounter inspired me to come back the very next day to take pleasure in devouring another meal from this location.

With over 25 years of achievement down, Zoes Kitchen has a promising future ahead.

If you are longing to try traditional Mediterranean food, then Zoes Kitchen won’t disappoint you. Do not miss out any longer on this delightful restaurant experience. You can find it on Thomasville Road in the Whole Foods plaza in Midtown.