Hiz and Herz fills a niche

Isiah Wilson is finding his place in the community with Hiz and Herz Hair Salon on South Monroe Street. Photo by Diamond Robinson

Finding a barbershop and hair salon can feel like a hopeless mission. However, one businessman has merged these ideas and has created a growing business.

Isaiah Wilson, 43, is a local barber, cosmetologist and mentor. Wilson is the owner of Hiz and Herz Hair Studio on South Adams Street. The shop opened its doors to the community 10 months ago.

Hiz and Herz Hair Studio is not your traditional establishment. The business offers a handful of unique services including; hair cuts, men units, wig installs, sew-ins, nail technicians, waxing, facials and yoni steaming. Wilson will be further expanding the brand by adding a boutique and make-up artist in the near future.

After migrating back home to Tallahassee from Bermuda, Wilson wanted to chase his dream wholly. He had been cutting hair since he was a young kid and realized that the passion had never strayed away.

“My dream has become my reality. I’ve been cutting hair for 35 years. Everything in the shop was hand built. I keep pictures up in the shop from Bermuda as inspiration. I lived overseas there for about seven years with my wife and three children,” said Wilson.

The company continues to thrive around the city and recently secured a new contract with a nursing home in town. Although there appears to be many high risks with assisting the elderly, Wilson believes the larger reward is contributing their skills and talents.

“I’m extremely dedicated to my career. I’m trying to build up and unite the community. No matter the person’s background, political party, age or job title  — I love everyone and want to appeal to them,”  Wilson said.

Hiz and Herz Hair Salon on South Monroe Street. Photo by Diamond Robinson

Additionally, Hiz and Herz Hair Studio makes an effort to do outreach events for the youth in the community. Their most recent occasion took place for students going back to school. The shop offered free haircuts to anyone under 18.

“I’ve been with Ike since the beginning. We met at North Florida Cosmetology a year ago. Everyday is a new experience with the barbers and we all share a common goal which is satisfying each customer. It’s definitely a family bond among us all,” said Hiz and Herz employee, Devonte Graham.

Nevertheless, Wilson has no plans on slowing down. His focus remains on creating new endeavors for his team and gaining more exposure.

“I’ve been a loyal customer for 11 years now. From day one, Ike has been outgoing, eager to serve and consistent with his craft. I remember the days when I came to get a haircut at his home. So I’m mind blown to see him establish his own shop,” said Angel Dupree.

If you wish to treat yourself to an exclusive service that the hair studio offers, you can locate them on South Adams Street across from Florida A&M University.