Mackey named deputy secretary of Community Affairs

Photo courtesy SGA

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate filled another position during its weekly Zoom meeting Monday evening.

After getting through the standard committee reports and announcements, the candidate for the position of deputy secretary of Community Affairs, Telkevia Mackey, was confirmed.

Mackey is a junior pre-physical therapy student from Miami.

The candidate was provided a two-minute opening and closing period for remarks. The opening was followed by a 10-minute question and answer session, initiated by Elections and Appointments Committee chairwoman Maya Robinson, followed by other senators.

 The candidate answered questions about the executive branch order of succession, composition of the executive branch, and the duties of the position. During her opening, Mackey said she is passionate about community service.

“Community service was a big part of my life growing up and it brings me joy to be able to give my sense of belonging away to other people on campus and show them that community service is good,” Mackey said. “This position will allow me to gain the leadership experience that I need to make me a better person for future career goals.”

On campus, Mackey serves as the community service chair of Black Women in Medicine and in her hometown, she often volunteers at the local community center.

Senator Theresa Jean-Louis moved to bypass the pro-con debate and confirm Mackey for the position. The appointment was concluded with 18 for and one against with Mackey declining the 10-minute closing.

  During reports and announcements, the Internal Develop Select Committee announced that it was in the process of trying to hold senate training days and the senate social has been pushed back because they have not found a place to host it. Activity and Service Liaison Kayla Braggs said she has still not received any more reports or emails regarding communication with agencies. Braggs explained the significance of the A&S reports and need for completion.

 “I was hoping to get at least two reports done by the end of the semester, but we’ll have to settle with one,” Braggs said. “These reports are extremely important because it helps us see where the organizations are spending their money and it shows us where to allocate the funds.”                The Student Relations Committee put together a Breast Cancer Awareness public service announcement.

 Elections and Appointments Committee chairwoman Maya Robinson reported that confirmations are still underway and will soon be completed. Robinson also spoke about an impending election watch party that is still being arranged.