Rattlers take part in ‘stroll to the polls’

Florida A&M students in front of the on-campus voting polling station. Photo by Roman Le

Florida A&M’s Efferson Student Union and the Tallahassee chapter of the Dream Defenders co-hosted “Stroll to The Polls” on Saturday. The event was designed to encourage FAMU students to exercise their right to vote.

While many have taken to social media to promote early voting, Rattlers like Jasmine Hudson took to FAMU’s setto make her message heard.

Saturday’s event included a mini march leading students to the polls where students got to experience a party at the polls.

“This is a way for students to come out, vote and have a good time,” said Hudson, a graduating psychology senior.

Photo by Roman Le

Following all federal safety guidelines, “Stroll to the Polls” broke the intimidating stigma around voting. Information about local candidates, amendments and presidential candidates filled the set.

“Sometimes I don’t like voting by myself,” said second year construction engineering major Nakia Nixon. “It felt good to have people out here. It made me enjoy the process even more.”

Early voting is strongly encouraged. While it prevents any mishaps around casting ballots it assures safety. While “Stroll to the Polls” enforced face masks and social distancing students still enjoyed the new age of promoting political engagement.

“I’ve seen so many commercials from many different people talking about the importance of voting,” said Korpo Sumo, a fourth-year social work student. “We have the power of social media and we’re using it to the best of our abilities.”

Social media has opened up ballot information to a whole new generation of voters. From listing city specified candidates and amendment breakdowns, millennials have taken politics into a new age.

Photo by Roman Le

“I work for Woke Vote,” said Hudson. “We are a college initiative who push college students to commit and get voting.”

Organizations like Dream Defenders and Woke Vote provide political resources to citizens. With their heavy social influence these organizations advocate for the Black voice and their vote.

“Us, the young people are the movers and shakers of right now,” said Marie Rattigan, a FAMU alumna and political activist who heads the local Dream Defenders chapter. “The more of us that get out and vote, we will be able to get Trump out of office.”

Dream Defenders across the state made moves toward the polls on National Vote Early Day to ensure that the voice of an unheard generation is getting much-needed support.

For more information around voting visit Woke Vote and Dream Defenders website and social media outlets.