Alumna focuses on healing, wellness

Jasmyn Ruja explains each card that lands out of the deck during her readings. Photo courtesy Ruja

Florida A&M University alumna Jasmyn Ruja uses her spiritual gift to bless others through energy readings and guided meditations.

Although it started as a path to personal growth and awareness, she expanded to working for others after promoting free readings on Twitter.

After receiving good feedback, Ruja added prices and witnessed support from all angles.

“It’s funny because I started doing readings before I got my first personal one. I was just doing them to learn what the different cards meant, and they would tie into things that were happening actually in my friends lives or my own life,” Ruja, who graduated from FAMU in May, said.

Regardless of the income the readings provide, Ruja confirms the most enjoyable part is helping others. Her goal is to bring clarity to whatever focus area chosen. She uses prayer as the first step and throughout her reading process.

“It’s not something that I hear audibly, but I would say that I hear it. It’s more of an intuition thing and learning how to listen to it,” Ruja said.

Lydia Makel, on of Ruja’s customers, is more than impressed.

“I couldn’t find the words to explain how amazing Jasmyn is with her readings, let alone as a person. Every reading she did for me was spot-on and God definitely talks through her,” Makel said.

Mack Scott said he has repeatedly revisited his reading with Ruja.

“I think that whoever partakes in your services should be prepared to do some true self reflecting,” Scott said.

While some may be skeptical about receiving a reading, Ruja doesn’t believe everyone needs it. “I understand that some people don’t agree with it and I would never force my beliefs on anyone,” she said.

After focusing on others Ruja finds it important to recharge and spend time concentrating on her personal energy. She insists on spending time away from social media, choosing instead to spend time with friends. She also enjoys alone time with nature as a way to recharge and relax.

Ruja says her future goals are bigger than just readings and reveals that she will be attending grad school in the spring. Already earning a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in sociology, she plans to earn her master’s in art of health and wellness while receiving the corresponding certification.

“It’s very important to me that people know that this business is only a small part of my career life.  My biggest goal is to open a youth center for kids.”

Ruja also plans to host retreats for those with healing professions like counselors, therapists and energy workers. She acknowledges the high burnout rates for these professions and aspires to create a safe space for their release.

Although her bookings will be closed after November, Ruja encourages anyone who’s interested to visit her website or @TheDivine7Muva on Instagram.