Best brunch spots in Tallahassee

Outdoor dining patio at The Edison. Photo courtesy

There’s a lot to love about brunch. It is early enough to enjoy some pancakes and eggs, but it’s late enough where you can normally enjoy a few drinks. The hardest part is finding the perfect brunch spot, but Tallahassee offers a few promising restaurants that offer delicious options for brunch.

When deciding upon a brunch spot, there are many factors to consider. Florida A&M University broadcast journalism student Tiara Williams, who looks for restaurants with a diverse menu, names CWC Cafe as her favorite brunch location.

CWC Cafe, located on South Monroe Street, provides an abundance of breakfast and lunch classics, including shrimp and grits, waffles, french toast, salmon croquettes, fish sandwiches, and biscuits and gravy. While the atmosphere at the cafe does not exactly scream classy, they also offer many southern delicacies, like their peach cobbler pancakes, that bring that soul food feel to brunch time.

Southern-style breakfast at CWC Cafe. Photo courtesy CWC Cafe Facebook

“It’s a hole in the wall, but their brunch reminds me of a home-cooked breakfast,” Williams said. “ I love that I can get home, or comfort, the food there while being away from home.”

For other brunch enthusiasts, restaurants must be picturesque and have a relaxing, yet vibrant atmosphere.

A popular place with five-star views in Tallahassee is The Edison, located in Cascades Park. The restaurant’s interior offers aesthetic, industrial design with an outdoor eating space that overlooks the beautiful greenery of the park and offers waterfall views.

Ezekiel Hobbs, a FAMU public relations student, states, “I like the Edison in downtown because it gives a classy vibe, they serve nice drinks, it’s in a nice location and the food is good.” 

Hobbs prefers a more elegant brunch location, where everyone dresses nicely and that plays good music.

Madison Social, a restaurant that sits in the heart of college town, is another nice place for brunch that has a lively mood. Collegetown, which is an area between Florida State University and FAMU, is a quaint strip of restaurants and stores that brings that big city feels to Tallahassee. Madison Social offers a variety of delectables to choose from, like their famous spiced honey chicken and waffles, as well as a number of different drinks, including mimosas which all brunch fans love.

Madison Social, located in Collegetown. Photo

Coosh’s Bayou Rouge, which sits right next to Madison Social, also offers brunch with a $12 limitless mimosa deal on weekends until 2 p.m. 

A lesser-known favorite is Canopy Road Cafe. While most of their stores are quite small with limited seating, they take the prize with affordability. Almost all menu items are around $10 or less. Many foodies love Canopy Road because of the Instagram-worthy presentation of their plates.

“I’ve tried their biscuits and gravy and it was the bomb. Also, the presentation of the food they put on their Instagram looks really, so I’d say their advertising works,” said Tenisha Ferron, a junior journalism student at FAMU.

While some well-known restaurants happen to serve scrumptious selections for weekend mornings, other spots are more like hidden gems. 

Primetime is a restaurant and bar, located on West Tennessee Street. While the bar is known to be a spot to watch your favorite sporting events, they also serve a great brunch. The restaurant offers brunch must-haves, like chicken biscuits, shrimp and grits, and omelets, and more intricate treats like their red velvet pancakes and Nutella waffles. They also offer healthier options, such as a buddha bowl and avocado toast, for more health-conscious diners.

Red velvet pancakes at Primetime Restaurant and Bar. Photo courtesy Yelp

Best of all, the bar has an “all you can drink” mimosa and bloody mary bar every Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

“As far as I know, we are the only place that uses freshly squeezed orange juice,” said PrimeTime manager Bethany Taylor. “Lots of people love the menu as well, coming in asking for brunch items, even though we only do it on the weekends.”

Whether you are looking for a limitless menu, breathtaking views, or eating with affordability, Tallahassee has much to offer. While you can head to a restaurant dedicated to serving brunch, many regular restaurants offer delicious brunch. Your new brunch spot just might be your favorite taco bar.