Student Senate fills more positions

Photo courtesy FAMU’s SGA website

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s Student Senate confirmed new members during its ninth session meeting of the fall 2020 term.

The titles that were filled on Monday evening were Secretary of Student Welfare, Deputy Comptroller, Surgeon General, Secretary of Economic Development, Deputy Director of Student Lobbying, Deputy Secretary of Economic Development, Deputy Secretary of Academic Affairs, Deputy Secretary of Student Welfare and Deputy Secretary of State.

At Monday’s meeting, Elections and Appointments Chairwoman, Maya Robinson conducted all nine interviews.

The confirmed members included Lawrencia Palmer, Mason Posey, Shandia Wilson, Malik Poindexter, Jaliyah Cummings, Regan Anderson, Jayda Miller, Sha’Riauna Campbell and Dorrian Stringfellow.

Each interview consisted of a two-minute opening and closing period and a 10-minute question and answer period that was eventually opened up to all members of the student senate. At the beginning of each interview, the appointees were all asked to share their computer screens to ensure they were not reading off any information.

Palmer, the Secretary of Student Welfare appointee, was confirmed first at last night’s meeting.

The political science major said that she believed her past experience as a student senator here at FAMU and serving as community service chair for her fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, best equipped her for the position as Secretary of Student Welfare.

Posey, the deputy comptroller appointee, shared with the senate members his gratitude on being able to serve his university. During questioning, Posey expressed that his role as deputy comptroller would benefit him as a professional in accounting.

Secretary of Economic Development Appointee, Poindexter was also confirmed. Poindexter said that his affiliation with the non-profit organization, 100 Black Men of America, will assist him in providing economic incentives and opportunities for FAMU students.

Cummings, who spoke confidently on her abilities to efficiently act as Deputy Director of Student Lobbying, was next to be confirmed.

“I believe I possess the qualities and attributes that will contribute to the leadership position. I believe I’ll be able to perform the duties of Deputy Director of Student Lobbying. I’m empathetic,a great communicator, respectful and responsible,” Cummings said.

Cummings said that in hopes of making the Department of Student Lobbying more student centered, she will be honest with the student body and will not make any promises she cannot keep.

Campbell, the eighth member to be confirmed and the Deputy Secretary of Student Welfare Appointee, ensured the members of the senate that she was the best person for the position because she is all about the students.

“I want this position not only to represent my student body, but to also stand as a student leader who will voice the concerns, needs and wants of the students here at FAMU,” Campbell said.

Telkevia Mackdy, the Secretary of Communications Appointee’s confirmation was rescheduled for next week.

The next student senate meeting, and the remaining confirmations, will take place next Monday on Oct. 26.