It’s Apple’s world. We’re just living in it

Apple taking over the world. Photo courtesy The bottom line

If you ever visit a college campus you will notice the plethora of Apple products from laptops, iPads, iPhones and more.

Students love Apple products simply due to Apple’s forceful marketing to students and its heavy presence in numerous schools.

Having an Apple store — somewhere to take your device if it’s acting up or to check out a new laptop — is great. Most urban areas in the U.S. have an Apple store — but not Tallahassee (sigh).

Many college students today grew up with Apple products, from the iPod, iPad, to iPhone. They probably even had a Mac growing up,  perhaps in elementary school, and they’ve known Apple for such a long time that they stick to it and now their products last longer than they ever did before.

“A survey of 880 college students conducted by Chegg found 51 percent named Apple as their preferred smartphone, tablet and laptop brand,” according to apple insider.

“Apple products are hugely popular among students. Apple laptops are portable and fast, have a lower risk of malware attacks, and have a longer battery life compared to other popular laptops,” according to mac keeper.

Apple also spends more money on high-quality components, which is why they are most expensive than other brands. But their products are worth it; you truly do get what you pay for in this case.

Apple has a reputation for great, high-quality technology — particularly computers — that last for a long time, making it likely that purchasing a single Mac will get you through college and possibly graduate school.

When you first start looking and comparing Mac laptop costs, it may appear as though MacBook deals for college students are not that cheap. However, once you research for the best and most reliable computers on the market, you’ll find that many Mac laptops are completely worth their price, due to their exceptional longevity and overall efficiency.

Apple computers are more expensive than the many brands of Windows-ready PCs. Some people see the extra cost as a rip-off, while others see it as worth it. I see the prices as worth it. From having a PC to now having an Apple MacBook Pro, I can do more on my computer and this helps me greatly with my work. Also, different majors and interests require different features. For my audio production assignments, my MacBook Pro is essential.

“College students love the Mac. It’s the notebook they rely on from the dorm room to the classroom, and the No. 1 choice among higher education students,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac Product Marketing.

If you’re a registered student, you’re eligible for the Apple college discount to use toward a new Mac from Apple’s Education Storeor Apples online website. It has a special section for students that offer discounts.

Students preparing to head back to school or even embark on a new college journey can benefit from having the right technology at their fingertips. Between laptops, iPhones, and even iPads, choosing the perfect device for school is essential.