Student Senate fills multiple positions

Image courtesy FAMU SGA

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate filled multiple key positions during its weekly Zoom meeting Monday evening. The senate confirmed appointees for Traffic Court Chief Justice, Associate Traffic Court Justice, Secretary of Athletic Affairs, Secretary of Community Affairs, and Director of Student Lobbying.

The candidates included Tatyana Hippolyte, Joshua Santil, Nyasia Haynes, Skyler Hillery, Sydney Jaudon, Vincent Jones, Jr., and Khya Nelson. Each candidate was provided a two-minute opening and closing period for remarks. The opening was followed by a 10-minute question and answer session, initiated by Elections and Appointments chairwoman Maya Robinson, followed by other student senators.

All the appointees were successfully confirmed. When the candidate for Director of Student Lobbying was being appointed, many of the senators spoke highly of her. After asking the senate to vote in the affirmative for the candidate, Internal Develop Select Committee chairwoman Makira Burns praised Nelson for her dedication.

“She is clearly dedicated to the job and has a lot of experience in the community,” Burns said. “I believe that she will be great in this position,”

Senator Theresa Jean Louis applauded Nelson for her passion. Activity and Service Liaison Kayla Braggs lauded Nelson for how thorough her responses were during the Q&A session.

Nelson, a Tallahassee native, is a sophomore agribusiness major, minoring in political science. In her position as Director of Student Lobbying, some of her tasks will include promoting the good will between the student body, Florida Legislature and Board of Governors, organizing a lobby group, and bringing matters before the state Legislature.

“I plan to advocate for the students’ needs and I want to make sure that we receive the same things that other universities are receiving,” Nelson said. “I’m very hard-working and tenacious, and I’m ready to get the job done.”

Nyasia Haynes was confirmed as Associate Chief Justice of the Traffic Court. Haynes is a sophomore biology pre-med major from nearby Havana. She serves as the research chair for toys teaching our youth science. 

“I want this position because I want to continue to strive and do good work within the j-branch because my philosophy is all about helping others,” Haynes said. “I feel like sometimes I can be too nice and traffic court can help me be the nice person that I am and let people know when their wrong.”

Tatyana Hippolyte was appointed Secretary of Community Affairs, Joshua Santil was appointed Traffic Court Chief Justice, Skyler Hillery was appointed Associate Justice of Traffic Court, Sydney Jaudon was appointed Associate Chief Justice for Traffic Court, and Vincent Jones Jr was appointed Secretary of Athletic Affairs.