Creative Halloween costumes: COVID edition

Creative Halloween Costumes. Photo courtesy Kailyn Rhone

2020 has already given us a very spooky beginning, and as Halloween comes around this year, you can expect the same energy for the fall.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 on everyone’s mind this year, it’s hard to think of even celebrating the ghostly holiday. However, for many others, this fun, nostalgic night brings out the best in everyone during these hard times.

This year’s Halloween brings in much excitement, as many people have mini traditions or matching costumes, but it also brings the fear of going out for the night. Allanah McCann, a FSU student expresses her plans with her roommate for Halloween, for a small celebration.

“When it comes to costumes, my friend and I decided to coordinate every year,” McCann said. “For this Halloween I’m going to be Clover from the Bring It On movie, and she’s going to be a Toro. Last year, we went to Ice Skream, (a campus Halloween party), but due to COVID-19 this year, we’re just going to throw our little fun with close friends.”

For others, this year’s Halloween will contain many horror films and various on sale chocolates. For college student Kapriesha Dessalines, Halloween is just another night.

“I believe celebrating Halloween can be a risk this year,” Dessalines said. “However, I respect it’s a risk that many people are willing to take. The pandemic is making everyday feel like it’s just dragging along, so for the sake of their sanity, some people are willing to put their life on the line to simply enjoy themselves.”

The majority of people on Halloween are contemplating the decision to stay home or go out, as they see many others partake anyway. BCU student, Shanel Moorer ponders the idea of going trick-or-treating with her brother back home or if a party may be an option for herself.

“I’m really just thinking of my little brother this year,” Moorer said. “He loves to trick-or-treat, and I’m usually back home to take him. I just hope if there are parents allowing children to trick-or-treat this year that they wear their mask. Even if I do decide to go out on Halloween, I won’t be out for too long or around too many people.”

As many gather their thoughts on Halloween this year, we can only prepare you if you do decide to join in on the fun. The best way to celebrate Halloween safely this year would be by wearing a costume, preferably with a face covering if you plan on being surrounded by large crowds. Here are a few creative costume ideas that will protect you and others.

  1. Doctor/Nurse
Nurse costume. Photo courtesy Pinterest

Arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world, but by far the easiest costume to make this year! Find some scrubs or nurse’s gown, add a mask and boom you pretty much are good to go. If you want to seal the deal, add the stereoscope, doctor tag, or whatever else you think you need.

  1. Ninja/ Mortal Kombat
Ninja Costume. Photo courtesy Halloween Costumes

Who doesn’t love being a player? The best part about this costume is that you can decide on a multitude of characters and colors, while also having a mask that seamlessly completes the look.

  1. Burglar
Burglar costumes. Photo courtesy Pinterest

Although this has an original face covering, don’t get any bad ideas. Just pick out an all black outfit, maybe some rope and a bag. But don’t take this costume too seriously this Halloween, you’ve seen how 2020 has been already.

  1. Movie/TV Characters
Lupita Nyong’o as Dionne costume. Photo courtesy Popsugar

With so many trending shows during this quarantine season, it makes it almost too easy to pick your favorites from. Shows like Money Heist and Purge provide an eerie look and great face covering.

Whatever you decide to do for Halloween, check out the CDC’s guidelines on the holiday before planning and don’t forget to wear your mask.