Bernard was an entrepreneur before she set foot on campus

An example of Sophia Bernard’s nail work. Photo courtesy Bernard

Sophia Bernard is nailing it.

Bernard, 21, is a local nail technician. The successful specialist is also a Florida A&M University student, studying biology wit dreams of dental school in her future.

Six years ago the devoted entrepreneur founded her brand Sophia Me Please in her hometown in Broward County. Benard says that the skill was self-taught and creating nail art began as a hobby. 

“Anyone who is determined to grasp a new technique or skill should commit fully and the results will speak for itself. If you aren’t happy with your progress right away, do not give up! Keep practicing and pushing yourself. Patience and discipline is key,” Bernard said.

Shortly after graduating high school, Bernard relocated to Tallahassee hoping to earn her bachelor’s degree. While balancing college life full-time, Bernard broadened her clientele by promoting herself on campus. The business today continues to steadily grow. Several loyal customers have been with Bernard since the beginning of her Tallahassee journey.

“I began getting my nails done from Sophia two years ago. I was instantly impressed with her skills and professionalism. Her ambition has inspired me to strengthen my craft honestly,” Florida State University alumna Tiffany Bolton said.

Bernard makes it a priority to stay updated on the latest nail designs by observing trends on social media and applying her own twist. Particularly, customers have confidence that Bernard can achieve their concept.

“I love my nail sessions with Sophia. She has been my nail technician since last November and I’m so grateful for her. She allows me to stay within my comfort zone which is classy and chic,” Mya Fields said.

Bernard has branched outside of college students and discovered new clientele across Tallahassee. Bernard said she has stepped out of her comfort zone. She began to network at grocery stores, gas stations or the gym.

“I’m constantly thinking of new ways to access more business. It’s become natural to pass out business cards or speak to random people about the services that I offer. I always try to keep an open mind these days,” Bernard said.

Bernard’s senior year at Florida A&M University is gradually approaching. She doesn’t have any plans on slowing down anytime soon. 

“FAMU has definitely been a stepping stone for me. Once I achieve my bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2021, I have aspirations to relocate to South Florida to work within the dentistry industry. Also, I will continue to excel and expand my nail business,” Bernard said.