Student creates all-natural skincare line

K’tura Jacques-Louis, a third year Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate. Photo courtesy Jacques-Louis

K’tura Jacques-Louis was in middle school when she discovered that she had severe eczema. Over the years she began to try different products, but she could never find the right solution to combat her skin needs.

The FAMU doctor of pharmacy candidate has recently begun a new business endeavor called KMelts.Co and has handcrafted a honey oats bar that includes colloidal oat powder and is infused with whole oats to calm the skin. This bar targets consumers who struggle with eczema and is designed to leave the skin soft and hydrated.

Jacques-Louis has created a line of natural products to treat skin issues. Each product is handmade and includes plant-based active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin. KMelts.Co offers a variety of products. Items include the Honey Oats bar, Sacred Yoni bar, Turmeric Island Detox bar, Sacred Yoni Gel, and Truth Beauty Serum. All products target a specific skin need.

“Choosing a favorite is a bit hard because I love absolutely all of them equally. If I had to choose, I would say the cooling effect after using the Sacred Yoni Gel is the best feeling. The Turmeric Island Detox bar followed by Truth Beauty Serum is the perfect combo before bed,” Jacques-Louis said.

This is the Turmeric Island Detox bar. Photo courtesy @KMelts.Co on Instagram

According to HealthyWomen, 60 percent of substances that are put on the surface of the skin are ultimately absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes skin vulnerable to harmful chemicals. Ingredients in store-bought soaps can be toxic and can disrupt hormone composition,  promote allergies, cause reproductive issues and increase the risk of some cancers.

Venise Louis, has had the opportunity to test KMelts.Co products before the company’s launch. Louis enjoys how she can easily read and identify the ingredients in the products.

“When buying soaps from the store you never know what harsh ingredients are in them. KMelts.Co products are all natural and you can pronounce and search every ingredient on the label,” Louis said.

The fundamental difference between KMelts.Co and commercial store-bought products are that many companies subsidize key ingredients with synthetic materials. The use of synthetic ingredients make products much less impactful to the skin. Major brands often include harmful chemicals in the composition of their products. KMelts.Co focuses on using natural ingredients to mimic skin’s natural properties and to balance the pH level of skin.

“All products are handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients. Oils and herbs are used and are completely toxin free. Nothing is synthetic or store bought,” Jacques-Louis said.

The third-year student plans to launch her business later this month. To be notified of promotions, new products, and sales you can visit and subscribe.