Canceling spring break won’t be effective

Thousands of college students congregate on a Florida beach for some spring break fun.
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College spring break is seen as a rite of passage for students at universities all across America. Having begun in the 1960’s, it has since become a staple of fun and frolics. It’s no secret that college experiences are packed with vibrant parties and wild, nightly shenanigans however, no college experience would be complete without the notorious college spring break.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University made the decision to reopen campus. The limitation of face- to- face classes and the lack of on campus events ultimately left everything either remote or removed; the same can be said for the removal of one of the most anticipated breaks of every collegiate experience: spring break.

Recently, President Larry Robinson, Ph.D. and university leadership announced the plans for the upcoming  spring semester, this included plans for spring break. The announcement came via email, “Dear Famu community, As a result of the global pandemic and the need to safeguard the health and safety of students, faculty and staff, Florida A&M University has modified the academic calendar for the Spring 2021 semester. Spring Break has been canceled.”

Most students feel that their need for spring break is deeper than just socialization. School is tough and now that everything is remote, it can be even more exhausting. Spring break is a way to break away from all the work and exams.

Since the announcement of spring break being canceled, many students have taken to Twitter to express their outrage.

“First no homecoming and now there is no spring break this has got to be the worst senior year ever,” @its_jamielle tweeted. Many others have since shared similar sentiments.

The cancellation of spring break was undoubtedly put in place to ensure safety for campus.  It is a known fact that many students both travel and party over the break. However, this decision may be a bit premature. On September 25, Governor Ron Desantis opened bars and clubs back at full capacity. Since the reopening, many students from FAMU, FSU and TCC have been seen partying amongst crowds and ultimately partaking in the same festivities university officials are worried about.

I typically would support the spring break cancellation, but, if students are going to be partying and going to the clubs every weekend anyway, then I honestly don’t understand how cancelling the break would be effective.Covid-19 is already such a trying time for many students as well as faculty, not to mention, that the online workload can be a struggle to balance.

Regardless, students need some form of holiday while going through school, a chance to escape the new virtual realities of their courses. Perhaps, professors should use the week that would have been spring break to not assign any outside work to their classes. It’s always important to wind down and recharge, which is why spring break has and always will be an important part of the collegiate experience.