Must-try cafes in Tallahassee

Photo courtesy Noella Williams

College towns are frequently known for a few things — clubs, lively nightlife and coffee shops. Cafe culture is important in college, whether its for a first date or for a study spot away from home. A quality coffee shop with quality coffee can be your second home during a busy semester.

It might be a coffee shops atmosphere and setting, or maybe its the aroma and taste of the coffee. Either way — it should be an experience every time you stroll into your towns caffeine hot spot. If you need to switch up your drink of the week, heres four shops that you may want to check out.

Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar

Serenity Coffee Bar. Photo courtesy @serenitycoffeekava

Located near Railroad Square Art Park, Serenity is home to a one-of-a-kind experience in Tallahassee. Between the plant-filled cozy corners and numerous customers, Serenity gives college students the chance to mingle with each other in its calm ambiance. Unlike the other coffee shops in town, Serenity offers kava and kratom, two stimulants/sedatives infused in their menu options.

Florida State University student Max Gloth frequently visits Serenity to study and balances between drinking their special kratom or an oat milk latte.

I love all of the natural light that pours in — it puts me in a great mood,” Gloth said. They make it a super safe space for queer people, and that is very important to me. The community is so sweet, and it is literally a big happy family.”

Gloth is not the only student who is a major fan of Serenity. FSU student Loraine Segura tends to visit the popular cafe with her friends about three times a week.

Our favorite barista, Turner, makes an iced London fog with extra vanilla and oat milk, exactly how my friends and I like it,” Segura said. I go to Serenity because its a place where my friends and I feel comfortable in. Upon walking in, there were a bunch of people, which made us nervous, but after talking with the baristas there, they made us feel welcome.”

You can find Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar at 915 Railroad Avenue.

Catalina Cafe

Catalina Coffee. Photo courtesy @seetally on Instagram

Coffee shops seem to be popular around the Railroad Square area, which happens to include Catalina Cafe.

Just a short walk away from College Town lies Catalina Cafe, which is also next door to popular pizza joint Gaines Street Pies. Besides their exceptional seasonal pumpkin spice flavored drinks, Catalina offers hand-crafted sandwiches and several roasted beverages. At their quaint location, Catalina is also home to an Instagram-friendly, picturesque background to compliment your coffee. Their menu offers a wide range of opportunities for its customers wanting to spice up their life with a chai latte.

You can find Catalina Cafe at 603 W.Gaines St.

Paper Fox Coffee

Paper Fox Coffee. Photo courtesy @paperfoxcoffee

A plaza located a little farther away from College Town is home to Paper Fox Coffee. All of their signature lattes have a creative name inspired by an animal and pair extremely well with their heart-warming bakery items.

FSU student Jenna Ward considers herself a coffee connoisseur and casually visits Paper Fox.

I usually order an iced coco-mocha with oat milk,” Ward said. I love that they are local, and they also have games to play, books to read or origami to fold. They also did an awesome fundraiser in June that benefitted several organizations that were affiliated with the Black Lives Matter.”

Besides coffee, Paper Fox offers delicious sparkling beverages, like craft sodas and kombucha.

You can find Paper Fox Coffee at 2020 W.Pensacola St.

All Saints Cafe

All Saints Cafe. Photo courtesy @thetallywire on Instagram

Steps away from GVO and Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar lies All Saints Cafe, another eccentric coffee shop in the Railroad Square area.

Their shop has a hidden menu filled with their recommended lattes, but dont forget to order food while youre purchasing a drink. Their menu features daily vegan/vegetarian friendly selections, including salmon lox” on a bagel, which is a watermelon based lookalike with dairy-free cream cheese.

Its charming and welcoming energy makes it a safe haven for many students escaping from their house to get homework done. In addition to their calm setting, All Saints closes at midnight, which makes it even harder to not like their shop.

Although these four shops provide students with a variety of options for their caffeine obsession, other coffee options in Tallahassee include Lucky Goat Coffee, Black Dog Cafe and Red Eye.