Bridges brings a passion for fashion


Alexis Bridges’ business page .
Photo courtesy @demigodrod on Instagram

Alexis Bridges, former Miss Junior 2019-2020 and a senior healthcare management student, has moved over to the business world.

Bridges has had an eye for fashion since she was a young child.

“Ever since Alexis was a little girl, she adored fashion,” her mother Angela Bridges said. “She would not let me return anything to the store. She used to rip off the tags immediately when we got home. When Alexis told me, she wanted to start her online boutique I was so excited because I knew she was gong to be successful.”

Bridges developed her vision during quarantine and right away took action planning. Her online boutique, The Lexurious Collection LLC, launched earlier this week.

Bridges started The Lexurious Collection because she’s passionate about fashion. She’s highly interested in offering unique and affordable clothing. She is always taking into consideration customer satisfaction to get real reviews on her products and cute promotion pictures from her clients.

“I started this business because I have a passion for fashion and noticed that people are always asking about where I get my clothes from. I decided that now is the time to start my own business,” Bridges said.

The Lexurious Collection will target women, but in the near future she is planning to diversify her offerings.

Bridges has set a few goals she would like to reach with The Lexurious Collection. They include: being able to provide clothing for men and women, gathering 1,000 followers on her business Instagram and eventually become a six-figure business.

Some entrepreneurs have a tough start getting their idea to flourish correctly, but Bridges overcame that moment.

“The most difficult part is finding vendors, making sure you have all of the necessary and correct licenses and permits that are required, while also planning out how you are going to market to your audience,” Bridges said.

Bridges is excited to be launching her business. She said she’s thankful for  the support her family and friends have poured into her.

“I love her so why wouldn’t I support her,”  close friend Jada DuPont said. “I can’t wait to see her business grow.”

Bridges expects this first launch to sell out and provide her with more exposure to other women that share the same passion for fashion.

The Lexurious Collection launched at 5 p.m. Monday.

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