New student organization linked to Florida Farm Bureau

Photo courtesy the FAMU chapter of the Florida Farm Bureau

There’s a new student organization on campus: the FAMU chapter of the Florida Farm Bureau (FAMU-FFB).

FFB represents farm owners who produce all 300 of the state’s agricultural commodities, regardless of their scope of operations or location.

This organization, announced Tuesday by FAMU INFO, will be a major benefit for students interested in agriculture. It is designed to help them learn the agricultural industry by assisting in both their professional development and personal growth. It is expected to appeal primarily to students in the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

FAMU has a working farm in neighboring Gadsden County along with an ongoing project on 5,000 acres in Brooksville near Tampa.

Students will fill leadership roles in county and FFB programs, other agricultural groups and community involvement opportunities such as participate in competitive Collegiate Discussion Meets.

The FFB organization educates students about the benefits of being involved in agriculture.

It also offers scholarships and encourages professionalism while wanting to join this field.

“I’ve just joined the club recently and I’m looking forward to learning more about agriculture and becoming hands-on with the community. Also, we get the chance to network with more people in the agricultural field,” Staci Gamble, 18, said.

With the program, members will be equipped to use legislative activities to experience the local, state and national government issues tied to agriculture.

Student Monique Collier, 22, said, “Since we don’t have a club focused on agribusiness, I think it’ll be beneficial long term because it will help the HBCU students have access to big companies that usually wouldn’t look at us.”

Collier added, “I am excited to see what FFB will bring to the table for the upcoming year.”

During COVID-19, FFB has been dedicated to being of service to the community. In the month of September, the Florida Farm Bureau Federation provided 120,960 jars of peanut butter to Florida food banks statewide to families facing hunger due to the pandemic.

“Protein is critical for the health of our families,” said Robin Safley, Executive Director of Feeding Florida. “This generous donation to our network is such a blessing. The need for food resources is twice as high as it was pre-pandemic, so nearly 121,000 jars of peanut butter will go a long way.”

Many families have lost the privilege to receive day to day school meals and other meal assistance programs. This has had significant consequences for low-income families — especially for children and the elderly.

The Florida Farm Bureau Federation is living up to its mission by enhancing the lives of rural Americans and building strong, prosperous agricultural communities.