Tallahassee Urban League pushes voter participation

Photo courtesy Tallahassee Urban League

When Curtis Taylor, the distinguished president of the Tallahassee Urban League, believes it is imperative for the Black community and registered youth to get involved with the upcoming presidential election.

“This affects us all,” he said. “We are encouraging everyone to come out and vote in this important election.”

The Tallahassee Urban League has made it their mission and promises to get the word out about the seriousness of voting in this election  by spearheading a voters march titled, “Voter Registration and Voters March.”

The national change agent organization is set to march from the Tallahassee Urban League building on Old Bainbridge Road to the busy intersection of Tennessee and Macomb streets this afternoon.

Scheduled to originally occur the week prior, inclement weather kept the march from happening. But, the organization “braved the rain and helped people register along Bainbridge Road,”  according to WTXL.TV.

Taylor stresses the importance of needing to have fresh voices in the community to carry the torch and get to the polls. As the Urban League continues to extend its legacy, it has reached a new level in activism and assistance.

“Recently we set another historical milestone by becoming a polling place where people can come and vote,” Taylor said.  “August 18, people who are living in Precinct 13 or 1 would be able to come to vote and do the same thing on Nov.  3.

Voting has become a central focus to youth groups around Tallahassee. Through social media outlets, many students have voiced opinions.

In light of the current circumstances of the world, many social media users have taken to their apps to voice their opinions on voting and the first-hand impact people are pushing to get involved and vote.

Following the disheartening news of Breonna Taylor’s tragic slaying and the decision to not hold the officers involved on chargers; many students took to Twitter to express grievances and stressed the need to vote.

Participant’s and allies of the Tallahassee community who will be seen among the ranks of the march include: The NAACP, The Voting Rights Project, FAMU, FSU,TCC and more heavy hitters for change.