Tory Lanez’s hypocrisy takes center stage

Tory Lanez. Photo courtesy Nightout

Megan Thee Stallion, a popular Houston-based female rapper, recently accused popular artist Tory Lanez of shooting her in the foot. After weeks of not speaking about the incident Lanez broke his two months of silence in the worst way possible — an album.

Before Megan came out and spoke about the incident, social media took what it could and did the detective research to realize that Lanez had shot Megan. All that was needed was a verbal confirmation from her.

During the height of information being released many fans rushed to Megan’s social media pages in support and concern, while others took the opportunity to show their true colors on how they feel about Black women. Many accused Megan of lying, saying that “he must have had a reason to shoot her” to essentially play devil’s advocate, as if there was not a wide range of evidence already stacked against him.

After months of speculation Megan settled the online conspiracies on an Instagram Live, explaining what took place that night and why she decided to finally speak out on it.

“Yes, this nigga Tory shot me, you shot me and you got your publicist and your people going to blogs lying … I tried to keep this situation off the internet but you are dragging it … I did not tell the police anything because I did not want us to get in any more trouble than what we were about to get in … even though he shot me I tried to spare him,” Megan wrote.

This is a perfect example of how for years Black women are the first to come to the defense of Black men, only to be neglected by the same Black men they protected. Lanez’s response to this situation was not only incredibly selfish but a slap in the face.

Megan Thee Stallion in the hospital with a bullet wound in her leg. Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

Lanez tweeted on Sept. 24,“To my fans …I’m sorry for my silence … but respectfully … I got time today…9 PM PST,”Lanezwrote.

This bold tweet was swarmed by responses at what was thought to be an Instagram Live giving a public apology to Megan, only to be extremely disappointed to find out he was dropping a 17-song project titled “DAYSTAR,” a one-hour long album nobody asked for and hopefully an album no one will stream. Lanez’s sad attempt at trying to capitalize off the potential murder of a Black woman is the same reason he deserves to be de-platformed.

Prior to the incident many fans of both artists saw pictures of them circulating on the internet hoping that a potential collab was on the way, only to be disappointed. This news left fans stuck in between a rock and a hard place, Tamara Zuokemefa being one of them.

“As a former fan of Tory this makes me feel disappointed that a Black man could let down a Black woman in such a manner … the odds are already stacked against us,”  Zuokemefa said.

Tory Lanez, the same man allegedly marching for injustice against Breonna Taylor, is the same man publicly neglecting gun violence enacted by his hands to a Black woman.