Athletics gets approval to move forward with Adidas

Adidas. Photo courtesy Google

Recently, Florida A&M University Athletics Department was granted approval from the Board of Trustees to move forward with a new deal partnering with the mega sports apparel company, Adidas.

Back in 2016, former Athletic Director Milton Overton Jr. announced that FAMU Athletics had secured a three-year deal with fellow apparel company Nike. With the deal coming to an end, current Athletic Director Kortne Gosha, is all in on a potential switch to Adidas for the foreseeable future.

“We want to make sure we align with the best brands out there,” Gosha said. “It’s important that we position ourselves with the best financial deal and partnership that we can.”

For years, Adidas has been second place to Nike when it comes to revenue and popularity of the respective brands. However, Adidas has begun to close the gap in recent years as they have partnered with sports superstars such as Super Bowl Champion Pat Mahomes, NBA All Star Damien Lilliard and International Soccer Superstar, Lionel Messi.

According to Gosha, the deal with Adidas makes the most sense for the future of the FAMU Athletics department and the university as a whole. While the Nike partnership proved to be beneficial to the school, Gosha wants to continue leveling up as efficiently as possible.

“This decision we made is about culture. This has some deep roots about not only the financials and benefits to the university, but how we truly grow a partnership that celebrates our university’s mission,” Gosha said. “I certainly think from a university perspective, athletics in particular, that this is in the best interest of the school and will allow us to take the athletics program to the next level.”

FAMU Athletics excited with new plan for the future. Photo by James Williams

The outstanding benefits and financial impact of the potential partnership with Adidas was the deal maker for Student Government Association President Xavier McClinton.

McClinton was excited about the vast amount of opportunities the deal would bring to multiple entities on campus, not just athletics.

“From a financial standpoint the deal comes with more opportunities,” McClinton said. “Opportunities for the Marching 100, Student Government Association, National Alumni Association and Athletics to all benefit from the same deal.”

McClinton also walked away impressed with the quality of the potential deal, and that it aligned perfectly with Gosha’s vision to continue expanding the Rattler brand.

“Not only from a financial standpoint it made sense, but from a quality, material and exposure standpoint,” McClinton said.

The growing trend within the athletics administration is that the potential deal is great for everyone involved. According to Gosha, the excitement is in the air as FAMU nears its inaugural season in the SWAC.

“Although it’s not a done deal yet, our players and coaches are excited about what could be,” Gosha said.

FAMU Basketball Forward, Bryce Moragne, was one of the student athletes who expressed his excitement about the potential switch to Adidas.

“I’m actually very excited — I’ve always been a big fan of Adidas,” Moragne said. “My high school was big on Adidas shoes and gear, so I’m very familiar with the brand. I think this is a good move by FAMU.”

While Gosha wants to reiterate that this is not a done deal for FAMU Athletics at the moment, he does not want to temper the excitement and countless opportunities that this partnership may provide in the near future.

“This is about more than just the apparel, or the company itself,” Gosha expressed. “This is about raising the banner for our university. This is about taking the Florida A&M brand to the next level.”