Student Senate fills key positions

Photo courtesy FAMU SGA website

Florida A&M University’s Student Senate filled key positions during its weekly Zoom meeting Monday evening.

The senate confirmed appointees for attorney general, secretary of state, chief of staff and comptroller. The four new appointees already have experience in SGA and were all successfully confirmed.

The candidates included Jabari Knox, Tia Wynn, Johnathan McCloud, and Nur Suleiman. Each candidate was given with a two-minute opening and closing period for remarks. The opening was followed by a 10-minute question and answer period hosted by Elections and Appointments chairwoman Maya Robinson and other student senators.

The first candidate to be confirmed was Knox, who was appointed chief of staff. Knox is a graduating senior political science major with an emphasis in public administration. Knox previously served as chief of staff, and he spoke on what he plans to do this time and what he did previously.

“As chief of staff I want to make sure that we get ahead of our initiatives,” Knox said. “Some of my greatest accomplishments were getting funding for the university counseling services and pharmacy student association.”

Wynn, who was appointed  attorney general, is a junior political science major.

“I think something that I can bring that’s unique to the E branch is my ability to be unbiased, and my oral and written communication skills,” Wynn said. “Another thing I could bring is my experience with trial in my courses and my law office experience,”

During the  discussion that followed her nomination, some senators spoke highly of Wynn. Marteis Lewis, chair of the senate’s Student Relations Committee, was among them and he voted for her for the position of attorney general.

“I was present during the court case this morning and she did an exceptional job when arguing for the EC [Electoral Commission] and she has the previous experience so I ask that you vote in the affirmative for this candidate,” Lewis said.

McCloud was confirmed for the comptroller position. McCloud is a senior civil engineering and economics major with a minor in business administration. In his two-minute opening McCloud spoke on how happy he was to be back for another position, and he is excited to continue the work that was initiated when he held positions in the judicial branch of SGA.

Suleiman is a junior criminal justice major, and she was appointed secretary of state. She is an Orange and Green Guide, and she is a residence adviser. Suleiman also serves as a Presidential Ambassador and last year she served as deputy secretary of state.

Suleiman said she hopes to be an example for SGA and show other students that SGA officers are normal people. Suleiman said she plans to reach out to students and get them more involved with SGA.