Tally Cat Café is purr-fect

Tally Cat Café. Photo by Khalyn Harris

Have you ever felt lonely, stressed from school, or miss the touch and companionship of your furry friend?

Luck for you, Tallahassee has a couple of welcoming places designed to solve all of those issues.

The Tally Cat Café has a variety of drinks and tasty treats to choose from. Whenever you’re ready to get cozy with your furry friend, grab your refreshments and enter the cat lounge.

The entrance fee for the cat lounge is $7 per hour. However, if you want to relax in the café, there is a viewing glass available free of charge.

Courtney Kendrick, who opened TalIy Cat Cafe on North Monroe Street in the Midtown area, said she and her husband were looking to fill a niche.

“What is one thing we could do if we could do anything? “ she said.

Her love of cats and coffee came together and made the, dare we say, purr-fect mix.

And make no mistake, she firmly believes the cafe has the power to help people — especially in these stressful times.

Khalyn Harris playing with one of the newest kitten additions in the cat lounge. Photo by Harris

It absolutely helps people,” she said. “Doctors prescribe them to come to a cat café because it is scientifically proven to de-stress people, give them comfort, and make them feel better.”

Not many people realize the value of pet therapy. According to Healthline, pet therapy can help “many physical and mental issues.” It can also help “reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular health.”

Pet therapy can also “release endorphins that produce a calming effect.”

Kendrick is pleased with how the designated cat area came out.

 “I love how the cat area is comfortable and set up like a living room area. It allows the cats to open up and not feel like they’re in this sterile little cage. They can lounge on the couch or climb up a wall,” she said.

Florida State University student Kantia Welburg has fallen in love with Tally Cat Cafe.

“Cat Café has always been a place on my bucket list and will forever be my favorite go-to spot,” she said. Meanwhile, Amanda Daniels, also a student at FSU, describes the Cat Café as her “escape from reality” where “stress is quickly forgotten.”

 Kendrick describes the café as “drama filled with a wonderful viewing glass of the cats while you sit and do your work.”

The good news is all the cats are up for adopting as well. You can visit Tally Cat Café, located at 2218 N. Monroe St. There is also a similar option called Fat Cat Café located at 2901 E.Park Ave.