Celebrities continue to use OnlyFans as a monopoly game

Photo courtesy Pocket Lint

Many of you know the terms and conditions OnlyFans has attached to its name. Rapper Tyga, as of late, is the newest addition to the chain reaction of celebrities monetizing off the site OnlyFans — a revolutionized online adult service website, promoted through social media platforms.

Tyga recently sparked a social media frenzy among the topic of celebrities’ continuance of monopolizing off the site.

OnlyFans, founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016, allows content creators — essentially geared towards sex workers and already idolized sexual beings — to provide subscribers virtually, with subscriptions of their own personal agenda via photos and videos.

First generation college graduate and content creator herself, Ebonie Queen, stresses her frustration in the overpopulation of celebrities on OnlyFans.

“I know that OnlyFans was created to allow creatives to showcase their work to a broader/wider audience and to be able to get paid for their art and make an income that they can live and support their families with,” Queen said. “Basically, for creatives to have a platform that’s larger than what they might have had before and to have a greater chance of being able to be a professional artist and or, creative.”

Artistry seems to always come with a sense of competition that’s connected along with it.

Although OnlyFans has been around since 2016, it wasn’t until earlier this year that it became a mainstream platform, in which the COVID-19 pandemic also amplified its ratings.

This has led Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Black Chyna and Safaree Samuels along with many other celebrities, to impose a form of taxation on their fans to view their OnlyFans subscriptions exclusively.

All is most certainly fair in the world of income, yet celebrities often brand themselves on platforms that were never intended for them to be a part of.

Emily Jayne, 19-year-old university student and OnlyFans content creator as well, coincides with how destabilizing OnlyFans has become due to a hindrance of celebrities joining the site.

“Celebrities and other popular creators with huge platforms and those who are already wealthy financially, using OnlyFans are essentially exploiting the service as they don’t need that extra money,” Jayne said.

As OnlyFans was known for its erotic content, celebrities have now made it more conventional for individuals to monetize of their own personal specifics.

Providing OnlyFans with a substantial net worth increase, celebrities or rather known individuals will certainly be able to continue joining the site advancing not only their own income, but the sites as well.

Breonna Kirkman, College of Southern Maryland student, doesn’t necessarily agree with the celebrity chain gain, but she definitely views it as a shift towards more publicity and exposure.

“OnlyFans is definitely a stunt as it led to either a promotion for a tv show, movie role, music, new business or flat out just needing some attention,” Kirkman said. “Despite the uncalled for moves, I have to say they are [celebrities] sort of playing a boost into OnlyFans just because of the attention they drew in and the follower mass they have behind them.”

OnlyFans will steadily pursue the attraction celebrities and public figures continue to bring to the site.