Disney still sets the standard

Disney’s Epcot has placed hand washing stations through the park to encourage guest to keep their hands cleaned from germs. Photo courtesy ZaKiah Miller-McFadden

ORLANDO — Disney World is what every theme park should strive to be. It is the superior theme park, bar none.

I believe Disney has the most popular entertainment parks in the state of Florida, maybe even the world. It is, after all, an international company.

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Springs and Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney always showcases talent and artistic abilities in their displays.

Walt Disney has been around for 96 years, first opening up in California. It has been around in Florida for 49 years.

In 2019 Disney won numerous awards from Theme Park Insider based off of the experience Disney gives its guests. The categories ranged from Best Quick Service Restaurant to Best Deluxe Hotel to Best Themed Ride, to name a few.

Aside from the awards, Disney’s customer service is top tier. Its employees walk around with a smile and wave almost every second of the day.

Disney takes the time to understand its guests and how they are feeling through surveys and in-person communication. I’ve never been to Disney and an employee didn’t greet me or ask me, “How are you doing?” or, “Do you need anything to make this a magical experience?”

Even during the pandemic, it has kept its great customer service up to date. Disney’s parks opened in early July before many other operations in Florida, but they opened with a detailed, comprehensive plan that has worked like, dare I say, magic, from day one.

I visited Disney’s Epcot theweekend before last and the experience was one to remember.

When we walked in, Disney staff were there to take everyone’s temperature. And from there I was able to ride all of the rides they had available with little to no wait time.

The staff took its time cleaning in between each party. Placement marked where on the floor to clarify the social distancing and six-feet rule. Mask wearing is mandatory everywhere through the park — yet no one seemed to mind. This was not an FSU football game, after all.

Disney staff also implemented eating areas around the park that were spaced out to allow families a place to sit and eat away from other guests.

Disney also placed hand sanitizers before and after the rides and other hand washing stations through out the park.

Disney’s theme parks never seem to fail me. I always feel comfortable and safe when I’m in Disney’s presence.

Why can’t more parks be like Disney?