Nursing student launches swimwear line

Nakini Swimwear logo. Photo by Jonae Harris

The sudden attention on inequality in America has had at least one positive result. It has helped shine a spotlight on Black-owned companies for people to support.

Nakini Swim, a Black-owned swimsuit business created by Jonae Harries, a third-year Florida A&M nursing student, is a prime example. The Miaminative has taken that motivation and backing and launched her business this summer.

Harris had a vision for her business before the pandemic but had to push through the catastrophic results of COVID-19. “Birthing a business during a pandemic was not easy but because of the current backing of Black businesses, and my determination, it aided to my success,”Harrissaid.

Although the circumstances aren’t ideal, people are showering Black-owned businesses with support in the wake of protests against police brutality and systematic racism.

Owner Jonae Harris in a Nakini Swimwear set. Photo by Jonae Harris

Harris always had a passion for entrepreneurship. When other business ventures didn’t go as planned in her freshman and sophomore years, she buckled down and went to work on something new and fresh. Voila, the Nakini Swimwear line.

“I loved my bathing suit from Nakini. It was so cute and I had never seen designs like those before,”  Shakoria Shannon said.

Living in Miami made swimwear a hot commodity. It was the perfect way to jump-start her brand. Harris’ success over the summer boosted her confidence and made other fashion items now a possibility to be sold by her brand.

Harris sees Nakini Swimwear as a business that will support herself along with her family.

“Supporting Black businesses means seeing us as equals and experts and not assuming our skills, services, and creations are less than, which has been the common narrative when discussing supporting Black ideas, creativity, and business,” said Camile Aitherson.

“The world is changing and we are no longer talking as much about COVID-19. In fact, there’s a much bigger problem to be solved here: the issue of systemic racism and America’s violent history of oppressing the Black community. The good news, however, is that the conversation and the movement are gaining traction in unprecedented ways, and supporters’ voices are rising to meet the volume of Black outcry,” she added.

As a new business owner Harris has a boatload to learn. She said she’s ready to be dedicated to her business and expand her brand.

“I greatly appreciate everybody who supported Nakini Swimwear. We have many more styles and great things to come for the rest of 2020.”