Businesses that are Black-owned and eco-friendly

Photo courtesy Ancient Cosmetics website

From lipsticks to rings, Black business owners are paving the way in the world of ethical and sustainable consumption. Many brands are currently transitioning to be more eco-friendly in support of the sustainable mission. While waste and harsh chemicals affect our environment daily, these three brands are not only giving alternatives to clothing, skincare and cleaning products, but also donating to impactful causes.

1. Ancient cosmetics

Ancient Cosmetics is a family owned brand devoted to proving consumers with all-natural skincare products. This company provides oils, soaps and whipped body butters that quench dry skin and even fade stretch marks. All of its products are vegan as well as ethically sourced.

We are not only trying but becoming your substitute to all things skincare,” said Xavier Smith, social media strategist at Ancient Cosmetics.

It sells products for all skin types and textures and this company also makes an effort to work with Black college graduates, content creators and celebrities. This gives not only the brand exposure but opportunities to those who may be looked over by other companies.

2. Arlokea

Arlokea is an online jeweler that ethically sources eco-friendly and up-cycled materials. This brand offers handmade pieces from wooden earrings to recycled gold cuffs. Made in Ecuador and Vietnam, this brand stands for social issues that are not only impending on their people but also people around the world.

The statement, Our goal is to use ethical fashion to tackle social issues surrounding health, education, and poverty,” is written boldly across Arlokeas website.

This company makes it their mission to give back to their community by putting time and funds into the most essential areas. Arlokea is making a change by donating 20% of each purchase to the Sickle Cell Awareness Group. With these donations it is making an effort to support individuals leaving with this disease.

3. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is vegan and a cruelty free cosmetics brand that is centered on challenging the beauty standard.” Founded by Florida A&Ms Melissa Butler in 2012, this brand has done nothing shy of boost the confidence of woman in beauty. With an impressive shade range of lipsticks foundations everyone is sure to find their perfect match.

I was determined to change the way people thought about beauty,” Butler said. There is no standard. You are the standard.”

The Lip Bar has taken the beauty industry by storm with bold lipsticks and sleek packaging while being centered on inclusivity. This cruelty free brand has made it into the makeup bags of many.