5 fall clothing staples that will keep you in style this season

Five fall fashion trends. Photo courtesy Kailyn Rhone

Out with the old and in with the new — just like our summer to fall wardrobe.

Now that fall is near, so are new fashion statements to keep us trendy throughout the season. We’re trading our spaghetti-strap sandals, tropical swimsuits, and rimless sunglasses for the ultimate fall closet essentials.

Here are some pieces to help you dress effortlessly and update your closet with these five popular fall fashion trends listed below:

Little black boots

Symone Robinson in her black boots. Photo courtesy Robinson

Whether they’re ankle-high or knee-high, suede or leather, you can never go wrong with a pair of black boots. These boots can be matched with a pair of ripped jeans, a plaid skirt or you can create with your own unique look.

Symone Robinson, a third-year civil engineering student, served her knee-high boot look with a sweater dress and ripped jean jacket. She describes these boots that make her outfit “cozy and chic” as her fall fashion go-to.

“They’re very comfortable, they keep you warm and they’re easy to slip on and pair with any outfit,” Robinson said.

Regardless of the length, one thing for sure is that these boots were made for walking – and for fall of course.

Tailored Trench Coat

Theondre Peoples in his trench coat. Photo courtesy Peoples

A versatile fall must-have includes a “head-turning and attention-grabbing” trench coat as political science graduate, Theondre Peoples, would describe it.

Trench coats in any color, length or fabric can either add to your fall outfit or make a stand-alone statement altogether. Peoples adds his grey button-down trench with pockets on the side to his suit on a windy day on the hill.

“A good quality trench coat gives a sophisticated style,” Peoples said. “It added some flair and a level of suaveness and confidence.”

This can be a clothing piece for both men and women this fall.

A Timeless Trend 

Malila Pool in her scarf. Photo courtesy Pool

Although this is a current popular unisex trend, scarves have been around for centuries. More recently, however, they have been sported as neck ornaments and fashion statements rather than a tool to keep warm.

“Sometimes such a small accessory can really enhance your outfit,” said Malila Pool, a third-year graphic design student.

Pool added a mauve scarf to her mocha-colored shirt to complement each other and obtain a splash of color to what she describes a “subtle and in-season” outfit.

Back to the Basics

William Myles McKay in his turtleneck. Photo courtesy by McKay

We’ve seen vintage unisex turtlenecks all over the 80’s sitcom “A Different World” evolve to a classy combo in fall wardrobes today. From casual wear to a polished suit add on, turtlenecks are here to stay.

William Myles McKay, a biology/pre-medicine senior, gave Instagram a runway-ready look when he paired his basic white turtleneck to his three pin-stripe suit and white shoes to match.

“The turtleneck gave the outfit a different taste of style,” McKay said. “I wanted to spice things up.”

Fancy, Fashion and Fedoras

Cortney Steward in her fedora. Photo courtesy Steward

Have you added all of the above fall fashion trends to your closet but still feel like you’re missing something? You are. It’s a fedora!

Cortney Steward, a fourth-year pre-pharmacy student, says she “had the snake-skin shoes that added a little pop to the bottom half of her outfit but nothing spectacular at the top.”

All she needed was a black fedora to complete her “vintage vibes with a 21st-century twist of an outfit.”

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just need an extra accessory, fedoras always add a voguish look to your fall outfit.