Many jobs have been affected by COVID-19

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COVID-19 has had a major impact on our nation in many different ways,  but none more so than economically. It has left people nationwide without jobs or a source of income during this pandemic.  

When the first COVID-19 case was detected in January, the nation’s unemployment rate was 3.6%. Since then and millions of cases later, the unemployment rate has increased tremendously with the highest unemployment rate being 14.7% in April. 

Most recently the United States’ unemployment rate has fallen to 8.4% in August, which is a 1.8% decrease from July’s 10.2% as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida’s unemployment rate increased to 11.3 percent in July, which means there were a total of 1,125,00 jobless Floridians. This is a drastically high number for a labor force of 9,975,000. 

Osceola and Orange counties lead the state with the highest unemployment rates.  Osceola County has 20.2% and Orange County has 16.1%. Leon County has an unemployment rate of 8.5%.

The virus not only impacts those who have lost their jobs but people who are still working by being at risk of catching COVID-19, the increase of workers taking sick leave and the lack of hours due to new COVID-19 protocols and implementations.

Crystal Mays, who works at a local Target in Tallahassee, can attest to the risk of catching the virus while on the job.

“Every day I go to work I think about how grateful I am to still have a job but also I do get a little worried about catching COVID,” Mays said. “Especially being that I’m in a college town and knowing that everybody doesn’t follow the suggested guidelines, and everyone has to go to the grocery store, I just hope I stay safe.” 

 Victoria Evans, a student at Florida A&M University and cashier at Zaxby’s, discussed with The Famuan the affect COVID-19 has had on her work schedule.

“Before COVID, I used to work multiple days a week but since then with the closing of inside dinning and shorter store hours, I can barely get enough hours to make a decent paycheck,” she said.

While COVID-19 has had such a negative effect in the job industry, there have also been some positive actions and events taking place to battle the rise in unemployment. 

Amazon announced in a press release on Sept. 9 that it will be hosting a virtual career day on Sept. 16 with 33,000 corporate and tech job openings. The pay for these jobs will be at least $15 per hour and will include competitive benefits. There has also been an increase in remote and telework job opportunities.

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