I’m struggling. COVID-19 claimed my grandma

Columnist D’Miya Smith. Photo by Smith

COVID-19 hit the United States in February. Now , sevenlater it still continues to have an effect on life as we all once knew it.

At the beginning of the quarantine it was hard getting used to doing things differently. I felt isolated and confused. Life seemed to have taken such a drastic turn right before my eyes.

Cases began expanding day by day, and more deaths were being reported each minute. The United States has had the highest death rates reported daily since mid-May.

After watching the news continuously I began to realize that COVID-19 was bigger than I imagined. Rates were increasing, hospitals were becoming  overcrowded, and grocery store stocks were at an all time low. Throughout this change, I remained calm because I had faith that the people closest to me would make it through this terrible pandemic.

Then on July 19 I received a phone call that my grandmother was hospitalized for COVID-like symptoms. She later tested positive and was admitted for closer observation. For weeks she was monitored, where her condition went up and down. Some days she was good, other days she was not.

But on Aug.t 16, she lost her battle to COVID-19

Losing my grandma to this horrific disease has been one of the hardest obstacles I have ever had to face. There was a time when my grandma was in the process of healing and gaining her strength back each day, but as time went on she just became tired of fighting.

The unexpected passing has taken a toll on my family as we are all lost without the centerpiece who once held us together.

It has now been three weeks since we laid my grandma to rest but things have not gotten easier. Living through this pandemic everyday is a constant reminder to me that being safe and careful is the only way to make it through this tough time. I continue taking the necessary precautions in order to keep me and the people around me safe and healthy.

Making sure I wear my mask while being out, and taking my daily vitamins, are my top  priorities, as well as practicing social distancing.

The coronavirus is far from over. Millions have lost their lives and before Aug. 16 I didnt know how that felt. But losing someone close to you due to something so tragic gives you a different outlook on life. I will cherish the ones closest to me forever, because you never know when life will take an unexpected turn.