Over 800 FSU students have tested positive for COVID-19

Students partying at the Catalyst apartment complex over holiday weekend.
Photo courtesy @lilliebrody on Twitter

After a three-day weekend, Florida State University reports that over 800 students have tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to the university Stay Healthy FSU website, 839 students and 14 employees have contracted the virus. FSU states that over 11,000 tests have been conducted on campus. These numbers reflect from August 2 through September 4, and are updated weekly.

These numbers do not reflect the Labor Day weekend where multiple videos and photos of FSU students were seen partying.

One video comes from Twitter user @lilliebrody, a resident at the Catalyst, an apartment complex geared toward FSU students.

In the video, you can see dozens of people sitting and partying by the pool without masks or social distancing.

Jonathan Marcus, a junior at FSU was the one who actually posted the video and condemned the actions of his fellow classmates.

“The actions of these students are simply irresponsible and endangering the rest of the residents in Tallahassee,” said Marcus.

In a statement to WTXL, the property management company University Communities LLC, confirmed that the Labor Day party happened at their apartment complex. They also state that the pool was closed for the holiday weekend and the people broke in.

“Unidentified individuals vandalized the pool entrance and office entrance to gain access, and the gathering was ultimately ended when security hired by property management required all attendees to leave,” the statement said.

The company also said the property management is working to identify the individuals in the video and will be taking legal action if needed.

FSU also released a statement Tuesday afternoon about the off-campus parties.

“Administrators are disappointed to see the public health guidance provided on multiple occasions has been disregarded by many. The health and safety of everyone and the success of our fall semester depends on both personal and community responsibility,” the statement said. “FSU is again requesting local establishments and apartment complexes step in with appropriate restrictions where off-campus students are congregating.”

FSU also says they will begin random coronavirus testing to the on-campus population beginning Sept 14.

The Bragg Stadium COVID-19 testing site was unable to be reached to give a comment at this time.