The future of Black Panther is female

Fans wait while Disney and Marvel Studios decide who will become the Next Black Panther.
Photo courtesy Marvel-Film Fandom

Since the tragic loss of “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman, fans all over the world are anxiously waiting to see who will claim the title as the next Black Panther.

Social media has been flooded with the suggestion that Letitia Wright — famously known as Shuri in the blockbuster movie — should take the leading role.

A tweet from Luca Brasi explains it best: “Don’t replace T’Challa, give his sister the seat at the throne just like in the comics. Give our young Black girls the Heroine they dreamed of now.  Wakanda forever.”

Shuri is the perfect person to carry on the legacy of the Black Panther and defend Wakanda. Not to mention, with the death of Erik Killmonger in the first movie, Shuri is the next true heir to the throne.

Black female superheroes have had appearances in comic books since 1971.  But now is the time for the big screen to make room for its first live-action Black female superhero.

Shuri is a strong, smart and witty young woman who spends her time devoted to the development of the Black Panther suit and its mechanisms.  She is the brains behind the armor but now it is time for her to wear it and take charge.

Shuri would let our Brown-skin girls know that they can have brains and be bold.  They can design clothes and defend their nation.

Yes, some may doubt her petite shoulders, but Shuri displays a powerful love for her country and proved that she is willing to step up to the plate and fight to defend it. This is the new Black Panther that we deserve.

To have a woman play the role of arguably one of the most popular heroes of the 21st century would be groundbreaking to say the least.  Wakanda would be a nation run and protected by females.  Certainly not the cultural phenomenon of today’s super hero movies.

We should trust Shuri with the title of Black Panther because T’Challa trusted her.  At the end of the first movie, T’Challa made Shuri the “Spearhead” of science and information exchange for the first Wakanda International Outreach Center.  This shows us that T’Challa never underestimated his sister or her abilities. He knew there was something in her that would move their nation forward.

Allowing Shuri to become the next Black Panther not only allows her to continue its legacy, it gives a loving and devoted sister a chance to honor her brother one last time