Hobbies picked up during quarantine

Hobbies to take up during quarantine. Photo courtesy Ochsner Blog

Due to COVID-19 recently striking our country, many businesses, stores and schools shut down abruptly. This left parents, employees and students stuck in the house for months as they feared catching this confounding virus. Almost every state was under a mandatory quarantine, which gave Americans more time on their hands.

With this newfound time, many people chose to learn some new hobbies. These hobbies include things people had been holding off for a while, or were too scared to start prior to quarantine. These activities can include reading, sewing, or even learning how to skate. Believe it or not, these pastimes discovered during quarantine, could serve an actual purpose in our everyday lives.

Many people feel that the new hobby that they have picked up benefited themselves tremendously. Bianca Clarke, a second year business administration student, happens to be one of those people. Clarke found herself beginning her own YouTube channel, “Locked in with Bianca Jeanee,” to provide entertainment and helpful information to her fellow peers.

“I felt that establishing ‘Locked in with Bianca Jeanee’ would be a good idea considering we were all ‘locked in’ in a sense,” Clarke said.

She mentioned that this recently created YouTube channel not only helped her find a new confidence within herself, but it also helped her find interest in social media marketing and influencing. Many students also felt that these hobbies were the only thing keeping them sane and motivated throughout a quarantine with no end.

During this summer, Fritzly Beaubrun, a second year public relations student, decided to begin practicing yoga, which is something that he never expected himself to learn.

“It definitely relieved some of the stress that came with quarantining. I try to do yoga at least once a week, or whenever I feel overwhelmed,” Beaubrun said.

Along with learning new hobbies, other students have started businesses and have become entrepreneurs. Nia Wesley-Jones, a second-year forensics student, spent her quarantine creating a new beauty line.

“My business, Sativa Bosses, sells products for beauty, cosmetics and personal care,” Wesley-Jones said. “I learned how to do my nails and create different products that I could potentially use to start a business and I’ll be releasing my signature products very soon.”

Picking up on new hobbies during quarantine was definitely a great way to keep us in the house and steer clear from any virus. With the reopening of several indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities, it is easier to leave your hobbies at home, but it is never a bad idea to stay home and learn a new hobby. Learning to cook, working out, or journaling are all quality hobbies that one should explore to keep them busy and keep their minds away from the results of COVID-19.