Second round of stimulus checks in limbo

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The first wave of stimulus checks worth $1,200 started to be released nationwide as early as April 17, when the coronavirus pandemic unexpectedly left 1.2 million people unemployed and many businesses to shut down immediately due to lack of workers and funding.

Millions of Americans are still unemployed and are eager to receive a second stimulus check because they are unable to support their businesses, children, or simply themselves without a job. There has not been a release or approval date for the next stimulus check. The hold is dependent upon the Republican and Democratic parties in Congress settling the stalemate and approve the next coronavirus relief bill before the next stimulus check is released.

Some say that the constant release of stimulus checks will cause people to become dependent on then and will slowly lose interest in eagerly applying for jobs once we resume normal living conditions.

“I believe stimulus checks are a good thing if utilized correctly,” said Xandria Chandler, a third-year engineering student FAMU from Leesburg.

“Although, it has helped a lot of people financially through this pandemic but it has also increased crime because of fraud and false claims in hopes to receive free money. I believe this has caused people lose motivation for working because it’s quick money,” Chandler said.

Andria Butler, A 67-year-old business management analyst from Tampa, believes these checks from the federal government are necessary a this time.

“Stimulus checks are good for the economy. That is the true purpose — rebuilding our economy — that’s extremely damaged and provide hope to people that are suffering from the loss of their jobs. I think the majority of the people would rather their jobs,” Butler said.

Kyra Muller, a 35-year-old non-profit manager from Los Angles, approves of the stimulus checks but cautions that not everyone is ready to go back to work.

“I believe that stimulus checks are a good idea especially during a pandemic. The point of a stimulus is to stimulate the economy so regardless of where it’s spent it’s doing its job. In relation to applying for jobs I feel like some people have gotten complacent but at the same time we are in the middle of a pandemic that is killing people and because of that people with children people, with documented health conditions, and the elderly should be exempt in my opinion from working at this time because going into a job can literally be a life or death situation for them,” Muller said.