Four Black-led podcasts that will expand your knowledge

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There are many Black hosted podcasts about a variety of topics. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms have many Black podcasters and Black voices to hear. 

On these platforms, you can find Black podcasters discussing a wide range of topics. From corporate success to technology, Black podcasters are talking about it all. Here are four educational Black hosted podcasts that are available for listening now. 

Corporate Homie Podcast

The Corporate Homie Podcast is an award-winning podcast that discusses topics to assist minorities in the corporate workplace. It touches on topics like work romance, getting your assistant to work, and dealing with family members assuming you are wealthy because of your work.  

The podcast is hosted by twin sisters Demetra Liggins and Bemetra Salter Liggins. Liggins has worked in corporate law for over 20 years and Salter Liggins works in financial services. They created the podcast to act as the listener’s “corporate homie” to help them with the rules of corporate America. 

“Whatever you do in corporate America, we all have the same challenges. Corporate America has a lot of unwritten rules,” said Salter Liggins. 

Salter Liggins recommends episodes 61-63, which act as a three-part series on branding. These episodes focus on creating, managing, and rehabilitating your brand. The episodes are about 25 minutes each. 

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama, the host of the Michelle Obama Podcast. Photo courtesy

The Michelle Obama Podcast discusses the relationships that make people who they are. It is a podcast where listeners learn about themselves and their roles in the world around them. 

As the name suggests, this Spotify original podcast is hosted by Michelle Obama, the former first lady. She often draws on her own experiences, relationships and lessons learned to give advice and connect with listeners. 

In the introduction episode, Obama describes the podcast as, “a place for us to explore big topics together, a place to sort through the questions that we’re all trying to answer, a place to open up and be a little vulnerable, and have some fun along the way.”

An early episode of the podcast features her husband and former president, Barack Obama. In the episode titled “President Barack Obama,” both of them discuss our responsibilities to those who are around us. 

In the episode, Michelle Obama tells listeners, “If something good happens to you if you have an advantage – you don’t hoard it. You share it, you give it back.”

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal

The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal is a Spotify exclusive podcast that provides listeners with commentary on many things about the music industry. The podcast discusses new music, legends in the music industry and sometimes explores the behind the scenes workings of the music industry. 

The main host of the show, Joe Budden, has also worked in the music industry as a rapper. Because of this, the majority of his discussions have to do with hip-hop music and artists. His experience in the industry allows him to offer a unique perspective. 

In the description provided by the hosts to Spotify, the podcast is described as, “the crazy adventures of these very random friends.”

Although their friendship is entertaining, the show is more than that. They look deep into questions related to the music industry. This is shown in episode 271, which is called “Case Study” with Nicki Minaj. In this episode, they discuss “gatekeepers” in music, artist’s publicity antics, and challenges with streaming. 

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

The main host of Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast, Marques Brownlee. Photo courtesy

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast is a podcast that discusses technology news, reviews new products, and reviews brands. In news, the podcast discusses major hackings, technology design leaks, and technology malfunctions. 

The main host is Marques Brownlee, affectionately known as MKBHD. He is the owner of a popular YouTube channel that discusses technology as well. He has more than ten years of experience covering the technology industry. 

In the introduction episode, Brownlee explained the podcast and said, “over the last ten years and 1000 plus videos I’ve built one of the largest tech channels on YouTube, MKBHD, reviewing gadgets from smartphones, to electric cars and everything in between. But even through all that, I’ve had more to share.” 

In his episode titled “Our Favorite Underrated YouTube Channels, Mechanical Keyboards, & Tech Embargoes Explained,” listeners can expect the “more to share” that Brownlee was speaking about as he shares some of his personal opinions and stories. 

These Black hosted podcasts all discuss different topics and can be listened to for free online. Be sure to search Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere else podcasts are listened to for these Black voices, and more Black podcasters you may find interesting.