The Republican Party is more united than the Democratic Party

President Donald Trump speaks from the White House on the last day of the RNC in Washington. Photo is courtesy of


The Republican National Convention kicked off Aug 24, centered around the theme “Land of Promise,” following the formal nomination of President Donald Trump in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Throughout the four day convention, prominent Republican leaders as well as President Trump’s family, supporters and advocates shared testimonials, efforts and facts that highlighted the union and organization of the Grand Old Party.

Speeches were delivered both virtually and amongst crowds, portraying President Trump as a compassionate and tender leader that strives to improve America and its citizens. There was an emphasis on the economic standpoint in which President Trump seeks to continue to maximize job opportunities for Americans and decrease taxes for hard working citizens.

“We put hard earned tax dollars back in peoples’ pockets by cutting their taxes,” Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina said. “Especially for single parent households like the one I grew up in.”

The GOP shed light on minorities and their experiences in an effort to connect with a key demographic in which they lack votes.

Each speaker touched on an important factor that showed initiative and action amongst the party. Though many may not agree with the GOP, they were able to point out prominent concerns and policies that were not as heavily addressed during the Democratic National Convention.

The DNC consisted of speeches centered around President Trump and what he hasn’t done as a leader. Criticizing the far left was the foundation for the Democratic Party, leaving a lot of gray area for initiatives implemented if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were to win the votes.

“During this President’s term, the unthinkable has become normal,” Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders said. “He has tried to prevent people from voting, undermined the U.S. Postal service, deployed the military and federal agents against peaceful protestors…”

In order for the Democratic Party to ensure more votes, the focus needs to shift heavily towards policies and initiatives that will benefit Americans and not simply rely on the inadequacies they see in President Trump.

The GOP ensured that policies and initiatives were discussed while carefully addressing concerns and issues with the pandemic and police brutality. Republicans rallied in support of what they know to be true with what is currently in place. They were also reminded, similarly to the Democratic Party, that this vote is choosing between two incomparable views of American society.

Both parties stressed the importance that this vote is critical in history. The far left highlighted the importance that re-electing President Trump will continue to diminish the true democracy that America was founded on. Meanwhile, the far right threatened the absence of safety and security among Americans if President Trump is removed from office.

“Your vote will decide whether we protect law abiding Americans,” said President Trump. “Or whether we give free reign to violent anarchist agitators and criminals who threaten our citizens.”

The RNC consisted of strategic speeches and spokes personnel to reinforce the agenda and unity within the GOP. More information and a recap of the convention can be found online with the National Public Radio.