Community service organization gives breakfast ‘on the run’

Photo courtesy “Tally on the Run” on Instagram

Staying self-motivated may seem unreal these days as virtual learning has proven to be difficult for some students.

However, “Tally on the Run” made sure FAMU students started their Monday morning off right with a tasty breakfast.

TOTR is a service-based organization created by Jasmine Hudson, who sought out members through social media with the same interest of giving back to the community. The organization is looking to encourage students to stay motivated and remain focused for the duration of the semester.

Membersof the organizationwere able to communicate to FAMU students about the run through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

The service provided by Smoothie Time, offered a variety of croissant sandwiches and a choice of over five different smoothie options.

Andrew Chiwara, a member of Tally on the Run, was more than pleased with the outcome of their first breakfast run.

“The pandemic gives us an opportunity to be creative in the way we use our resources as far as utilizing our masks, zoom calls and social distancing to still get what needs to be done,” said Chiwara.

He delivered meals to residents across FAMU’s campus with Tally OTR’s On-Campus Delivery Team. Students were to fill out a google doc form with their information and were later contacted by members for the distribution. Following safety guidelines, the organization was able to give out breakfast starters and smoothies to students in need.

Instead of having a lump sum of people meet in one designated area with no regulation to diffuse meals, TOTR dropped off the meals to students’ residence halls directly.

Donea Sykes, a sophomore education student who saw the flyer through GroupMe, really enjoyed her breakfast expressing that it was better than she expected.

Sykes admired the interactions of goodwilled students on campus.

“I thought Tallahassee was going to be boring and nothing going on, but their act of kindness made me hopeful for the rest of the school year,” said Sykes.

Jordan Sorrell, a second-year music education student, was very appreciative of the gesture made by the organization.

“I received a ‘You Got This’ letter along with my breakfast which was pretty encouraging,” said Sorrell.

Kamari Cason, a third-year business administration student, was also grateful for the convenience the run upheld.

“It was an easy way to get breakfast. I didn’t have to go on campus and take the venom since I live in Palmetto South,” said Cason.

TOTR hopes to expand their organization to other communities throughout Tallahassee and looks forward to providing for those in need.

To stay updated with other service and community-based events by Tally on the Run, follow @tallyontherun on Instagram.