Calix finds her calling

FAMU student
Lillian Calix. Photo courtesy Calix

Lillian Calix, a fourth-year general health science major at Florida A&M University, turned an unexpected situation into a successful outcome.

Calix, 21 and a native of Riviera Beach, was born on June 8, 1999, and is the eldest of two siblings. Growing up Calix says her household was raised to love one another, and understand the importance of family.

“Being the eldest and considered the woman of the house, I got an early start to caring for my dad and siblings,” Calix said.

At the start of the stay at home order, many people around the state were unsure what to do with their time, isolated from the life we once knew. Calix says during this time she was bored and in search of her own business. Calix also says her dad was one of the people who inspired her to go after her passion.

This is when Calix had the brilliant idea to create something natural for people who may be in search for some all-natural skincare products.

Pure Radiance Collection is a business Calix started during the beginning of quarantine. The product is an all-natural body butter hand-crafted by Calix. The Vanilla + Lemon body butter is for all skin types and is used to boost natural radiance and appearance of dark spots on the body while cleansing impurities and unblocking pores.

Each product is handmade solely to moisturize, condition, tone and smooth skin. The body butter is also used to heal the skin from infections, acne and eczema, all while giving a warm smell of vanilla and lemon.

The main ingredients Calix uses are argon oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea and mango butter.

Since the launch of her fast-growing business Calix has received nothing but positive feedback. Vanessa Nocent  said, “I have dry skin, and I only have to apply the product one time throughout the day, which is great thing for me because a lot of products can’t lock in moisture that long.”

Cayla McBride is another satisfied customer. “Not only do I like the product, but I really love it. It is creamy, lightweight and goes on smoothly keeping my dry skin moisturized and hydrated.”

Calix says she will continue to expand her business by offering other products like facial toners, face mist, herbal soaps and face masks. Her website is under construction but she can be reached via Instagram at skinbylilly.