Haygood leads by example

Christelle Haygood. Photo courtesy Haygood

The motivation to keep going runs deep through Christelle Haygood as she promotes body positivity through her fitness journey.

Haygood has enjoyed an impressive first three years at FAMU and it has placed her on a platform of a student leader. She was elected as Miss Freshman Attendant during the 2018-2019 academic year, her start to leadership. Throughout her sophomore year she managed to win the crown as Miss Gold representing the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

However, within her success she longed for self improvement and the ability to wholeheartedly love herself.

One day I wanted to improve! I didnt know where I felt like I was lacking until I looked into the mirror. I never told myself that I was beautiful or took time to just simply love myself,” Haygood said.

Instead of merely longing for growth, Haygood decided to put in the work and embarked on her journey of self love and body positivity. Through her diligence and determination she has lost more than 40 pounds in the past year.

During her weight loss journey Haygood started her own YouTube channel, ChristelleTV, to document her fitness lifestyle.

I started a YouTube channel to aid other college women just like me who struggled with their body image but live in a dorm so its more restrictions and could be tricky. I created my YouTube channel to solve the problem of the ‘freshman 15’ and to provide the reversible solution through tips DIYS story — times and advice,” she said.

Even though Haygood lost the weight on her own she always had loved ones on the sideline cheering her on, including her mentor Corey Hill.

Christelle didnt just sit and complain about her weight, she did something about it. She pushed herself to reach her weight goals no matter how long or how much it took. The journey for her was not easy, but she never gave up,” Hill said.

Hill is a graduate of FAMU and has been Haygoods mentor since her freshman year, assisting her with her goals and celebrating her accomplishments.

Haygood’s inspiration has even traveled out of state to different colleges, helping students to believe in body positivity. Though the current pandemic established the protocols of social distancing Haygood helped Savannah State University student ThoMesia Moore on her fitness journey.

Christelle is teaching me to love my body in its current state and continue to love it more as I strive for weight loss and to learn my body chemistry,” Moore said.

Between being a student, resident assistant and a campus queen, Haygood refuses to stop her journey of body positivity. She intends to elevate the cause educating young women about a healthy lifestyle as a college student.