The upside of the coronavirus pandemic

“Science says: wear a mask” Photo courtesy

When talking about the coronavirus pandemic, you mostly hear about the negatives and tragedies that come with it. But there have been many upsides and positive outcomes as a result of the pandemic. COVID-19 has affected the way people interact, live and go about their daily lives, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.

To take precautions from catching the virus, it is highly recommended to stay in quarantine. In other words, stay in the house away from a vast amount of people. This is an opportunity to spend more time with family and stay out of harm’s way.

It also helps build a better relationship with your family for the future as well as the present. You are also motivated to make more of an effort to make time for those you love.

Being in quarantine helps you build genuine relationships. Since you have to go the extra mile to talk to people, relationships are usually genuine and real. A lot of times, the relationships that are thriving simply because it is convenient. With the “out of sight out of mind” mentality, the people who really care about you will be present.

In the U.S. the crime rate has dropped tremendously since COVID-19. Fewer people are going outside, so fewer people are getting incarcerated. 

“Crime fell to overall levels over 23% below the average of the same time period in the previous five years,” David Abrams, professor of law, business economics and public policy at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote in his report “COVID and Crime: Key Findings.”

With fewer people getting arrested, more people are allowed to vote. This gives candidates more of a fair shot.

Education became more digital and more affordable. Sadly, most schools have been shut down on campus, but thanks to online technology, students are able to take classes online. Because of the pandemic, more scholarships will be given out.

According to Robert Massa, adjunct professor at Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California, colleges are worried that the health concerns and the economic fallout from the pandemic will result in more students declining admission offers.

“Colleges will be likely to offer students more money in an effort to get them to enroll,” Massa said.

Entrepreneurship has also risen due to the pandemic. Small business owners are realizing that you do not need a fancy story or venue to make sales. Running businesses remotely is something that no longer seems impossible thanks to the world wide web.

“As pandemic pushes on, online sales grew 76%,”  Stephanie Crets, journalist for Digital Commerce 360, reported.

Psychologically, many people’s ego stems from what others think about them. Being in quarantine forces one to find their true self spiritually and emotionally. Ego must stem from personal pride instead of materialistic approval from others.

It is easy to pick out all the negatives COVID-19 has wrought, but the way the universe is balanced, with many negatives comes many positives as well. Maybe the coronavirus was not the worst possible thing that could have happened because there truly are ways to still excel and become an even better version of one’s self than before the pandemic.