Alumna’s press-on nail business booming

Photo courtesy Simone Symonette’s Instagram page

Florida A&M University alumna Simone Symonette founded Pressure Center, now a booming press-on nail business.

Since the beginning of spring break, as COVID-19 took a toll on the United States, many people pursued businesses to help with everyday needs. Symonette launched her business on Feb. 1.

“I initially started doing my nails in 2018 when I was just a broke college student. Even before then, I hated acrylics and everyone I went to would give me a different version of the coffin shape style. I started sharing my work on social media at the end of 2019. I made sets for friends, and other people wanted me to make sets for them as well. In January, I decided to start my own business and launched Feb. 1,” Symonette said.

Symonette, 21, graduated from FAMU last summer with a bachelor’s degree in biology. She was raised in the central Florida area but was born in the Bahamas.

As a college student, things don’t always come easy. You want to stay on top of academics, participate in campus and off-campus activities, and look the “part” like everyone else.

To do all this means you have to have money. Everyone doesn’t have money to get their nails done every two weeks, and that’s where Symonette came to save the day.

Pressure Center offers press-on nails with a range of designs between the prices of $23-25. The site is based on and offers free shipping with orders over $35.

Branding is one of the essential keys to keeping your business apart from others and being able to compete. Symonette chose a unique theme close to her principlesand kept it going.

“When I started to develop my branding, I knew I wanted it to be connected to the medical field. My future career will be as a trauma surgeon. That’s where ‘Pressure Center catering to all your nail emergencies’ came from. At first, I got a pre-made logo, but it didn’t give me the aesthetics I was going for. I decided to make my own logo and redo all my graphics. I’m so happy I did. I love it,” Symonette said.

Symonette began testing nails on herself and friends before selling to ensure the quality of each set.

“I have ordered two sets of nails from her, and both times she has been able to bring my visions to life,” said Symonette’s fellow Caribbean Student Association member, Danae Pickard. “She makes sure the quality is amazing and gets it to you promptly.”

From the beginning of her process, when she first made an Instagram page, social media grew a liking to her and she immediately gained support from all over.

 “I followed her right when she made her first post and been watching her since. I’ve ordered two custom extra-long sets and, as always, been pleased. She’s executed them well, although my descriptions weren’t always the best,” said Taylor Harrington, a friend and fellow science major.

Symonette is still expanding and plans on launching emergency kit subscription boxes in a few months along with temporary tattoos.