Masks are now mandatory

FAMU student Alexis Bridges is wearing her mask. Photo courtesy Bridges

Leon County commissioners unanimously passed an emergency ordinance last week that requires all residents and visitors to wear a face mask in public businesses.

Commission chairman Bryan Desloge said, I will put in an order every week and adjust  based on the communitys response.”

Some residents arent taking the face mask policy seriously as they go out in public without wearing a mask. Some residents see no use in using the face mask.

“If youre under a roof, youre wearing a mask,” Desloge said.

Tai Humphrey, a sophomore at Florida A&M, admits that life has changed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When walking outside on a normal day used to be the life we all lived to now having to transform into wearing a mask all day has really became the new norm,” she said.

Humphrey believes that as a result of the mandatory face mask ordinance, residents should be more cautions when they go out in public.

Im not sure about not having kids wearing face masks, but young kids like to touch a lot of things and touch their mouth and thats how they carry germs,” Humphrey said.

She added that it is harder for people to breathe when wearing a mask. Some people are not used to wearing a mask for a long period of time, she noted.

Jade Vinson, also a sophomore at FAMU, is skeptical about how effective the masks are.

I believe if you wear a mask in public it will not stop the spread of the COVID-19 cases, but it will decrease the cases in Tallahassee,” she said.

Vinson said she doesn’t agree with the county commissioners’ decision. Wearing a face mask for my own health will not necessary stop me from getting it but it is a big part to prevent me from getting the COVID-19,” she said.

Darrius Mercer, a medical assistant in Tallahassee, is a firm proponent of wearing a mask. Its very important that induvials wear their face mask because you never know who is carrying the virus around. Some people can be asymptomatic or, more importantly, you can be carrying the virus yourself.”

Mercercomesin contact with more than 200 patients a day who get tested for the COVID-19. He often wears a mask for more than 12 hours a day. He said he gets used to wearing the mask, despite the occasional migraine.

I cant run away from COVID-19 because there is a possibility I can get it,” Mercer said, “but its all about helping others.”