Hall develops a following

Matthew Hall’s first rack of clothes that he curated when he first started selling clothes. Photo courtesy Matthew Hall

As a kid and throughout adolescence,  it was apparent that Matthew Hall had a passion for shoes and fashion. He even won the best dressed superlative in his high school senior class.

Hall, a curator, stylist, vendor and entrepreneur, is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor of science in sports management. He thought he wanted to be a sports agent. However, momentum shifted the summer before he graduated as he decided to sell the clothes in his closet to pay his rent.

“I started selling my clothes on my Instagram page, posting 10 pieces a day. I realized the difference that I could make in someone’s life through a piece of clothing, which catalyzed my passion for fashion. Once I saw the influence that I can have on people, I escalated from there,” Hall said.

Jason Stokes, a graduating senior at Florida A&M University, recently started shopping with Hall. He said he has been amazed with Hall’s diverse variety of inventory.

“The hospitality of Hall is great and welcoming. He has a great eye not just for clothes, but how to style them.  With being an artist, my image is extremely important to myself and Matthew gets fresh every time, while making me feel content and appreciated,” Stokes said.

After graduating from FSU, Hall decided to Stay in Tallahassee, where he knew he had adequate resources to develop his business.  Within his first year, he has already facilitated six pop-up events, launched his website and created an inventory page on Instagram with more than 1,000 followers.  It is clear that Hall has an influence on people.

However, Hall had no idea that this would happen.

“Everything happens for a reason.  I always make sure to pursue what I want to pursue and have faith that it will manifest, which brings me where I am today,” he said.

Hall made it a priority to visit London. Shopping every day he was there, he noticed that the people in London dressed in a majestic manner. He said it was so beautiful that he had no choice but to indulge in it.

In a year’s time, Hall has had close to 5,000 individual pieces of clothing in his inventory, thrifting in stores in Tallahassee and all over Florida.

“I have been putting everything I have into this, going to thrift stores sourcing through every piece of inventory that they have, buying whatever I feel might fit what I am looking for. I try to go into thrifting open minded because I will be more inclined to appreciate what I do find, which can serve as a blessing to someone else. My favorite trips are when I drive back to Tampa from Tallahassee, where I visit every thrift store on the way down.”

Hall serves as a role model to his younger brother Joshua Hall-Gomez, an incoming freshman who will be double majoring at FSU, studying retail entrepreneurship and marketing.

“Building your brand and being consistent is one of the most effective traits you can have as an entrepreneur, and Matthew excels in those both. He cares about what he does and is very passionate about his craft. He puts others before him; whatever you need he will try his best to help. Nothing happens overnight, it takes time. I feel as if Matthew is following the  right path and his dream,” Hall-Gomez said.

Hall hopes to own a store, and to be a stylist. He finds joy in this field, and has not looked back.