Bajas to reopen despite spike in COVID-19 cases

Bajas promoter announces the reopening date. Photo courtesy @djwavy on Instagram

Florida has been recording record-high numbers of new COVID-19 cases — more than 5,000 per day this past week. But that hasn’t deterred the Tallahassee club Bajas from announcing that it will reopen.

Local residents have voiced have mixed reactions to the West Pensacola Street club reopening.

Jasmine Dulcio, a student at Florida State University, does not believe Bajas should be reopening. “ I do not think it is safe for reopening. Bajas gets packed quick and it’s a huge space where people are around each other and will not be able to be six-feet apart,” Dulcio said.

Dulcio said she believes people aren’t taking their health seriously if they decide to go to the club. “People do not care enough about their health to be around other people. Its is a breeding ground for germs,” Dulcio said.

Kobe Howard, a student at Florida A&M University, also believes that it is too soon for the club to be reopening. “Bajas should not be reopening because Florida just went up 5,000 cases overnight and everyone hasn’t gotten tested. Plus, people aren’t self isolated,” Howard said.

Earlier this week the Leon County Commission unanimously approved an ordinance that made wearing face masks in public places mandatory. It went into effect Thursday.

 Howard does not believe the new rule will have an effect on people showing up to the club. “Mandatory masks will have a slight to no effect on attendance. People will still be at Bajas with no mask unless it is strictly enforced,” Howard said.

On the flip side Kobe Murrell, who is also a student at FAMU, believes that it will be safe for people to go to Bajas regardless of the new cases of COVID-19. “I think it is going to be safe because I believe the club would follow the strict guidelines presented by the state government to ensure the safety of all citizens,” Murrell said.

Murrell said that he knows people who plan on going to the club on its reopening date. “I do know a few people who are going when it opens up and they are very excited,” Murrell said.

The official reopen date for Bajas is set for Saturday, June 27.