Is it time for a social media cleanse?

Photo courtesy PizzaBottle

Now that FAMU elections are over and classes are coming to an end, it might be time to take a detox from social media during COVID-19.

At some point, many of us have considered taking a break from social media. And the ones who have never considered it, they may be the ones who need it the most.

Let’s be real. Elections brought out the worst in people and seeing all of that constant negativity on multiple platforms’ timelines can be exasperating and negative for everyone.

Hopefully this guide on how to do a social media cleanse can remind those that at the end of the day we are a “FAMUly” and we are all in this together.

  1. Spend time with yourself.

Classes are now over, and this means that you have time to focus more on yourself and your craft. This is the perfect time to get relaxed and get sensual with yourself. Start speaking things into existence and surround yourself with positivity. Spending hours online, scrolling up and down the TL is not the way to go.

Master your craft, find your passion, and start a new cycle. There is nothing wrong with checking in with yourself and being honest with yourself. Spend some time reflecting. Doing these things will allow you to appreciate life much more.

  1. Monitor your habits.

Figure out how much time you are spending on these social media platforms. Many smartphones give its users the option to “monitor their screen time.” If you have this option, check it out and see how much time is being consumed on the apps we can’t seem to live without. Even though you do not have to delete the app, you can always turn off its notifications and control your usage,

  1. Decrease your reliance on social media

If you are the kind of person who depends on social media for news, maybe you should download some news apps. When you rely on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for news — you are setting yourself up to be misinformed about what’s going on and makes you more likely to open up those apps.

Apps that were previously mentioned aren’t credible sources for news. There’s Google news, CNN News, BBC News, New York Times and so much more. There are so many news aggregator apps that can tailor their content to your interests.

If you rely on social media to reach out to family and friends. Try getting their email or phone number instead where you don’t have to constantly open up those apps when trying to contact them.

  1. Go Cold Turkey

If things have gotten really bad, perhaps going cold turkey is the best option for you. Going cold turkey is either deleting all of your social media apps to the point where you don’t see them anymore. Or just simply logging out.  With lockdowns and stay at home orders being in placed, hanging out with friends and loved ones can be really hard. Put your mental health first and just take a break from it all.

Establishing a routine and keeping yourself busy can most definitely help when it comes to going cold turkey.

A social media cleanse is to decrease the temptation and negativity. There’s nothing wrong with taking one.

You can always return to social media anytime as long as you feel healthy mentally and know when is too much enough.

Taking a social media cleanse is easier said than done. The most difficult part is sticking to it.