Alexander’s bracelets a hot commodity

Azari Alexander at her second pop-up shop. Photo courtesy Azari Alexander

Aspiring entrepreneur Azari Alexander is a fifth-year MBA student at Florida A&M University.

Alexander, 21 and a native of Atlanta, is the oldest of two siblings. Alexander grew up in a single-parent household with her younger sister. Growing up she knew she had a passion for starting her own business, but was unsure of the route she wanted to take.

Many people played an important role in Alexander’s success, but her biggest supporter happens to be her mother.

 “My mom is my biggest influencer and supporter. She has taught me to keep going even when things seem to be at a standstill, because of her my business is more successful than it’s ever been,” Alexander said.

Embracelets, a jewelry business, was founded in 2016 in Alexander’s hometown. She explained she was in search of a hustle.

In high school Alexander was surrounded by students her age who had developed their passion in life. She was interested to know where the opportunity would stem from for her.

When Alexander first started Embracelets in 2016, she didn’t have an official name. She didn’t decide on the name until 2018. Embracelets has sold more than 5,000 bracelets since its start in 2016. Each bracelet is hand-selected by various beading types, ranging from gemstones, java, lava, faceted, sunstone or onyx.

Since the launch of her growing business, Alexander has received nothing but positive feedback.

I love Embracelets jewelry. Its handcrafted and high-quality. Its perfect for everyday outfits, its very versatile and can be created to symbolize different things,” said Kiera Walker.

Photo by Azari Alexander

The company had its most recent outbreak this past year, after Alexander introduced waist beads to her collection. Sales began to rise and so did Alexander’s confidence. She said she began to feel that all of her hard work was finally starting to pay off. People were finally starting to notice her talent, and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

Davion Dunston said,I bought a bracelet through Embracelets. Im not usually one that wears jewelry but its such a comfortable and quality piece. I wear it casually and even with my suit sometimes.”

Alexander has sold thousands of pieces, and she is working on expanding her line. She is also in the process of releasing homemade bedazzled hair clips for women.

My future goal for Embracelets is to have my own store located in Atlanta, which will feature all homemade product designs and hair clips,” she said.

Embracelets is not Alexanders only business. She is also working on expanding her new line of waist beads EmBODY, which Alexander started last September.

Alexander looks forward to continuing with her growing business, and is excited to see what the future has in store.