Enterprise offers discounts for college students

Enterprise Rent-a-car has modified its policy during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo by Sierra Sirju

Yes, the coronavirus is scary and beating the economy down harshly. However, many companies are still trying to assist in this time.

COVID-19 has really altered the lives of many college students across the country and shut down normalcy for almost everyone. The coronavirus altered the remainder of the spring semester, traditional graduation ceremonies, campus life. This has forced students to adapt to virtual learning, and for many, to leave their dorm rooms.

As students abruptly leave campus due to the pandemic, many of them struggle to find ways to get back to their hometown. However, Enterprise Rent-A-Car decided that it would take some of that stress away from those students who need to get home to their families.

A recent press release from Enterprise reveals that it is making multiple changes to its policies to make it easier for students in spite of the pandemic.

The rental car company is lowering its age requirements from 24 to 18, Customers must provide a valid driver’s license and bring in an official student ID to prove that they are a student in order for Enterprise to waive its young-renter fee.

Many students are already disappointed that they had to end their semester in the middle of the term. For those who are preparing to graduate this semester, the pandemic served as a struggle mentally and economically. But Enterprise may be able to provide some financial relief.

“It’s already hard enough that I can’t get through and finish my last semester on campus. The discount Enterprise gave me came in very handy at a very unfortunate time,” said Najay Dennis, a student at Florida A&M struggling to get back to Miami.

Dennis hopes that the company continues to serve students well after the pandemic is over. He believes that this discount should be permanent because students always struggle when finding an affordable way to get home.

“I like that it was fast, easy and officiant. I hope that they continue to have discounts for students, even when we are done with the coronavirus,”Dennis said.

If you are a student and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, you still have time. The change is effective through the end of May and all rental locations in the United States are participating.

Visit the Enterprise website at Enterprise.com for discounted student reservations.