Angela Blount making a difference at FAMU

Angela Blount. Photo by Malik Alrahim with Power Circle Visuals Pro

Angela Blount is strongly driven to help students overcome their inhibitions both mentally and academically. Blount is an academic coaching coordinator at FAMU and a registered mental health counselor intern for Community Wellness Counseling & Support Services.

Blount has worked in academia for more than 10 years. She began her career at a community college. While there she would help students in academic success. After moving to a university, Blount discovered more students struggling with mental health challenges than at her previous job. In that discovery she found a new passion in mental health. 

“I loved working in academia, to help students navigate the college experience,” Blount said. “I wanted to deepen my scope by helping them conquer mental health barriers that impeded their success.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Blount described her childhood as an amazing experience. As a child, Blount explained how it was imperative to her mother, that her children be exposed to places other than Brooklyn.

 The youngest of two girls, Blount always found herself encouraging people older than her.

“When I had friends with low self-esteem, I always encouraged them to love themselves. I can recall doing this at the age of seven,” Blount said. “I grew up with a lot of self-confidence and I thank my mother for instilling that in me. I wanted my friends to feel as good about themselves as I did,” Blount said.

After graduating from Orange High School in Orange, NJ, Blount was initially uninterested in attending college. Eventually, she would start with an associate’s degree and then transfer to Kean University in Union, NJ. She completed an undergraduate degree in criminal justice at Kean. Blount also attended Walden University, attaining a graduate’s degree in clinical mental health counseling with a specialization in addiction.

Blount’s favorite part about her job is hearing people who typically feel unheard and challenging people to think beyond their surface way of thinking.

“I love when students and or my clients in counseling can dig deeper and identify that inner voice that tells them that they can take another step,” Blount said. “I enjoy helping people find their purpose and develop confidence and self-esteem despite their imperfections.” 

Describing herself as creative, passionate and interesting, Blount explained that helping people is sometimes draining, especially when they’re not ready to help themselves. Blount has been married to her husband for more than three years and describes him as methodical, patient and wise.

Blount feels that life is most fulfilling when your purpose is identified.

Nicole Fowler, an academic program specialist at FSU, has worked with Blount for two years, and she said she’s grateful to have Blount in her life.

“If I hadn’t met Ms. Blount, I would have never had the courage to begin my journey as a doctoral student,” Fowler said. “Because of her, my faith and my spiritual journey are different and more fulfilling. My professional career is stronger because of her, and I would love to have and keep a person like her in my life.”

Michael Mensah-Mamfro, a pre-med student at FAMU, says she makes him feel confident as a student and described her as loving, energetic and caring.

“I can attribute the success I’ve had so far, as a student to her support and guidance,” Mamfro said. “She believed in me and cheered me on at every point, and her believing in me helped me to believe in myself.”