Ways to stay sane while social distancing

Creative ways to stay sane while social distancing. Photo courtesy CNN

With strict orders to be in the house by a certain time due to the coronavirus, students may find it difficult to social distance. Here are some tips to stay sane during this pandemic.

Tip one: Maintain a routine

Tianna Walter, a junior business administration major, believes when you maintain a weekly routine, you will stay busy throughout the week.

When planning a weekly routine I set a time from the time I wake up, sit down to do work, and to take breaks for lunch. I try to follow a regular routine as if I were at work or school,” Walter said.

Walter is confident that if students maintain a routine, it will motivate them to keep pushing and be their best self.

Tip two:Focus on family time

One of the many challenges families face during this pandemic is finding new ways of living together.

Take time out of your day to do home-based leisure activities that everyone finds interesting and requires planning, such as board games, a game of kickball in the backyard or even reading.

Its important to have family time during this pandemic to strengthen family bonds and create a sense of unity.

Tip three:Get active

Its essential to make sure youre exercising, Its one of the best mental health strategies that exist. Also, this would be the perfect time to start working on parts of your body that youre not most proud of,” said Justin Cook, who is a personal trainer.

Cook gives advice that would help everyone stay healthy during this pandemic.

Tip four: Do not isolate yourself completely

Social distancing should not become social isolation.

Social distancing can cause anxiety and depression due to isolation and fear over the pandemic.

Reach out to others and offer help. Social distancing should help reinvest and recreate social bonds.

This will help you feel more connected, social and engaged. Dont be afraid to communicate with others.

Tip five: Look on the bright side

Gianna Taylor, a junior criminal justice major, believes its the perfect time to get yourself together.

Take this social distancing as an opportunity for you to reset. Reset yourself, how you want to approach your course work, relationships and even connecting,” said Taylor.

Taylor says  if students take the time out to take account and reprioritize their time they will come out feeling like a new person when this pandemic is over.